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Zambia Visa Types

Zambia is a beautiful nation with several different visa choices. The number of entries (single, double, or multiple-entry), the manner of obtaining (online, at an embassy or consulate, or upon arrival), or the purpose of the visit (tourist, transit, business, visitor, etc.) can all be used to categorize them. Select the Zambia visa option that is perfect for you, then enjoy your visit.

Zambia e-Visa

You can stay in Zambia for transit, business, or tourist with an electronic visa. It is valid for 90 days and can be used as a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa.

Your e-Visa for entry into Zambia can be obtained by email in PDF format. When you arrive at a port of entry, you must have a current passport and a printed copy of your online visa with you.

All candidates must also provide a cover letter addressed to the Chief Director of the Immigration Office, a copy of their passport's bio-data page, a headshot photo, and a return ticket.

Single-entry Visa

A Single-entry visa for Zambia can be used to enter the country only once. It is available electronically and is good for up to 90 days after the issue date. With this type of Zambian visa, you cannot leave and return.

Double-entry Visa

A double-entry Zambian visa entitles you to two trips to the country within its 90-day period of validity. You are not permitted to use this visa once more after two exits and admissions.

Multiple-entry Visa

A 90-day multiple-entry Zambia visa allows you to visit the country many times during that time. Additionally, American citizens may use this visa for up to three years.

Day Tripper Visa

This kind of Zambian visa is intended for visitors staying in the country for fewer than 24 hours. It is given out at the border crossing and accepted at the Victoria Falls and Kazungula borders. To access and exit the location, you must utilize the same port.


A KAZA UNIVISA is available to travelers who wish to travel to both Zimbabwe, Zambia, or Botswana on many occasions.

You can now obtain this visa via online options. You can also do it at airports (Kenneth Kaunda International Airport or Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport), border crossings (Kazungula or Victoria Falls), and other locations.

Gratis Visa

For people with diplomatic passports or an accreditation letter, a gratis visa is one that is offered without charge.

Transit Visa

A several-entry ZaaWhen they want to leave the designated transit zone, individuals who wish to transit through Zambia by land must hold a transit visa. The duration of this Zambian visa is up to 7 days.The 90-day validity of your mbia visa allows you to make multiple trips to Zambia throughout that time. Additionally, American citizens may use this visa for up to three years.


E-Visa Express

Zambia Tourist Visa

The usage of a tourist visa is limited to travel for tourism, sightseeing, leisure, or amusement, as the name implies. It is a relatively common sort of visa, and getting one online is advised. You can get it for one entry, two entries, or numerous entries.

Business Visa

Foreign people who wish to travel to Zambia for business-related activities (such as conferences, meetings, transactions, etc.) must apply for a business visa.

It is recommended to purchase it online. In order to get it, you also need a formal invitation with information about the nature of the business and a cover letter. Keep in mind that some extra paperwork might be required when applying for a visa.

Diplomatic Visa

For anyone requiring a visa to enter the country on business, Zambia offers diplomatic visas. To receive this document, a visa application must be accompanied by an invitation letter and cover letter.

Visitor Visa

This Zambian visa is valid for a variety of short-term activities, including travel, business, receiving medical attention, and more.

Additionally, letters of invitation from the host in Zambia, proof of status, and a photocopy of the NRC are also required for visitor visas.

Visa on Arrival

In order to enter Zambia, foreign nationals from qualified nations can seek a visa upon arrival. It means they don't need to obtain this paperwork beforehand and can receive the visa at the port of entry. It is important to keep in mind that applicants must still finish the online visa application form.


The Zambian government provides a variety of visas depending on different categories for visitors; visas are also categorized according to the reason for travel.

Additionally, during the stay, the visa may be extended twice. At the Zambian Department of Immigration, you can request a visa extension.

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