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Vietnam Visa Types

If you have no visa-free access to Vietnam but intend to visit, you should first find out what kinds of visas are available and which one you should apply for.

About 20 different types of visas are available for Vietnam, including the DL, DN1, DN2, NG, DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4, LS, DH, LV, LD1, LD2, HN, PV1, TT, SQ, and others. By the reason for a visit and the duration of validity, they can be grouped. Regarding these two categories, you may learn more about the most common visas to Vietnam in this page. Therefore, study more about visa kinds for Vietnam and select the one that best suits your needs if you don't want to waste time and money or run into unanticipated issues when traveling.


E-Visa Express

Electronic Visa Type

For individuals who value their time, an electronic visa to Vietnam, also known as an e-Visa, is the ideal option because they don't need to apply in person at the embassy or consulate. It is a single-entry, 30-day visa that may be used for tourism, business, transit, or visits to friends and relatives. It is important to remember that a printed e-Visa and a current passport are necessary for entry into Vietnam. The entire application process is simple and straightforward to understand.

Popular types of Vietnam visas by travel purposes

Tourist visa

The Vietnam tourist visa (designated DL) is one of the most widely used visas for entry into Vietnam. It is a 3-month single- or multiple-entry visa that enables its bearer to visit Vietnam for tourism-related purposes. After arriving in Vietnam, the document's validity may be extended through a stationary application process or an online application.

Depending on the stay duration, an applicant may choose between:

  • Single-entry - 1 month
  • Multiple-entry - 1 month
  • Single-entry - 3 month
  • Multiple-entry - 3 month
  • Multiple-entry - 12 month (US passport)

Business visa

The second most prevalent type of travel authorization required by foreign tourists to enter Vietnam is a business visa (DN visa). It is intended for tourists who want to conduct business with Vietnamese enterprises or other business-related activities including meetings, conferences, contract negotiations, etc. The document is divided into many types depending on the length of stay and is valid for 12 months:

  • 1-month single entry Vietnam visa
  • 1-month multiple entry Vietnam visa
  • 3-month single entry Vietnam visa
  • 3-month multiple entry Vietnam visa

This visa category distinguishes two subcategories:

  • DN1 visa – issued to foreigners who cooperate with other Vietnamese companies or organizations
  • DN2 visa – addressed to foreign visitors who travel to Vietnam to offer services to advertise their business

Student/internship visa

Each student enrolled in a Vietnamese university course must apply for a student visa, commonly known as a DH visa. After entering the nation, the application process may be started. A tourist visa is required for entry into Vietnam. He can either ask the immigration officer for a change in visa status after enrolling in the course or appoint a company to act on his behalf.

Investor Visa

Those who visit Vietnam with the intention of investing are given an Investor visa (DT). Vietnam's government have created four subcategories of this visa based on the type of investment:

  • DT1 - issued in case of at least VND100 billion investment or an investment in the business area encouraged by the Vietnam Government. This visa type expires after 5 years.
  • DT2 - granted to investors with a capital contribution of VND50 – VND100 billion, or investing in a business area encouraged by the Vietnam Government. The visa expires after 5 years.
  • DT3 - should be held by investors and representatives of foreign organizations with an investment of VND3 – VND50 billion. This visa stays valid for 3 years.
  • DT4 – issued to investors with a maximum capital contribution of less than VND 3 billion. The document is valid for 12 months.

Working visa

Foreign nationals visiting Vietnam for employment must submit an application for a working Vietnam visa (LD visa). It is a document based on employment that enables foreigners to enter, remain, and work legally in Vietnam. The visa is intended for a variety of vocations and is good for two years.

Working visa for Vietnam is categorized into:

  • LD1 – this visa type is issued to foreigners who come to Vietnam with a work permit exemption certificate
  • LD2 – granted to foreigners who must have a work permit to work in Vietnam

Diplomatic visa

A diplomatic Vietnam Visa (NG1 - NG4) must be held by:

  • delegation's members invited by the Vietnamese government officials
  • consulate personnel
  • visitors who work with consulate members or visit them for a short period

Only those who attach an official letter from embassies, consulates, or government organizations to the application will be given the 12-month document.

Vietnam Visa types by Length of Stay and Validity

According to the length of stay and the number of possible entries, visas to Vietnam may be divided as follow.

  • 1-month single entry Vietnam visa
  • 1-month multiple entry Vietnam visa
  • 3-month single entry Vietnam visa
  • 3-month multiple entry Vietnam visa
  • 6-month multiple entry Vietnam visa
  • 1-year multiple entry Vietnam visa

In case of multiple entries, a visa holder may travel to Vietnam many times within the visa validity period.

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