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Uzbekistan Visa Types

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan are all neighbors to the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan. If you plan to travel there, don't forget to check the latest visa requirements in addition to packing your bags and making travel arrangements.

Uzbekistan Visa

The Uzbek visa can be obtained electronically from home or at the Uzbek diplomatic office. Visitors from more than 45 nations must get a short-term entrance permit. All foreign nationals who desire to stay in Uzbekistan for a longer amount of time, however, must apply for the proper sort of visa.

  • Visa-Free

All members of the European Union, along with more than 80 other nations, are permitted travel into Uzbekistan without the need for a visa. In addition, visitors from an extra seven nations—China, Hong Kong, Macao, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar—are permitted to enter Uzbekistan visa-free for up to 10 days. In this instance, a current passport is the only prerequisite. However, this is true for vacation-related travel.

  • eVisa

In Uzbekistan, the eVisa electronic visa was launched in 2018. This permit allows for multiple entrances into the nation and is good for 30 days. You can get it by submitting an online visa application. Additionally, it is directly related to the traveler's passport; upon arriving at the border check, the immigration agents will demand the travel document and the visa (in paper or digital form). The entry permit becomes void if the passport expires before the visa.

  • Sponsor in Uzbekistan

You need to be sponsored in Uzbekistan in order to receive the admission permit. It could be a travel agency or a business that arranges business trips. When applying for a visa, a letter from the sponsor must be submitted.

Types of Visa to Uzbekistan

Travelers from abroad can choose from a variety of visa types for Uzbekistan. Depending on the purpose of the visit, they vary.

Tourist Visa

There are numerous visa options available to international travelers for Uzbekistan. They differ depending on the reason for the visit.

Work Visa

You should apply for a Work Visa if you wish to work in Uzbekistan. This permission can be obtained by submitting the necessary paperwork with the application, such as a signed employment contract with an Uzbek company that has been in effect for at least three months. Additionally, the prospective employer must get the necessary license for hiring foreign workers as well as approval for employment.

Diplomatic Visa

Holders of diplomatic passports, such as temporary and full-time staff of foreign embassies and international organizations, are only permitted to get a diplomatic visa. The permit is valid for as long as it takes to complete the given task abroad.

Transit Visa

If you are using a transit visa to travel to another country, you are permitted a 3-day stay in Uzbekistan. Several nations provide its citizens a five-day transit visa exemption. Check the most recent transit visa guidelines that apply to your nation before you travel.

Study Visa

International students, trainees, and interns who want to study in Uzbekistan are given the Study Visa. It is also intended for academics who work with the Uzbekistan Ministry of Education in colleges and universities.

Visa Requirements to Uzbekistan

Informing your chosen sponsor of your desire to go and asking them to check on the letter of visa approval should be the first step in the registration procedure. A few documents must be submitted while applying for an entry visa to Uzbekistan:

  • completed visa application form
  • copy of the valid passport
  • copy of the airplane tickets
  • copy of the sponsor's passport
  • letter of invitation from the sponsor
  • proof of the sponsor's relationship with the traveler (individual sponsor)
  • company's license (organized sponsor)
  • company's certificate (organized sponsor)
  • authorized copy of the power of attorney (organized sponsor)

A valid passport, two copies of the official photos, and two copies of the application form should be brought to the Uzbek Embassy when you receive the visa confirmation email.

You must finish the last mandatory questionnaire for the Department of Foreign Travel and Exit as soon as you land in Uzbekistan. At the location of your lodging, the hotel personnel will give you the registration form. If you visit a private flat, you must manually complete the form.

Uzbekistan Visa Application

Even if you can submit your visa application in person at the Uzbekistan Embassy, doing so is not advised. It only takes 15 minutes, is quick, simple, and convenient. There are various sections in the questionnaire:

  • Country - nationality and the purpose behind the visit
  • Dates - time of arrival and departure while traveling to Uzbekistan
  • Personal Data - full name, date and place of birth
  • Photo and passport - scanned copies of the formal photo and the passport
  • Activation - contact information and e-mail address
  • Payment - selected method of online payment

Submit the form once it is complete, then wait for the registration process to be confirmed. Your Uzbekistan eVisa will be sent to your email after your application has been approved.

Uzbekistan Visa Validity

The Uzbekistan travel permit enables multiple entries and is valid for three months (90 days) starting on the day it is issued. Each visit cannot last more than 30 days (1 month). You must get in touch with the Uzbek Embassy if you want to prolong your stay.


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