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United Arab Emirates Visa Types

A traveler should review the entry criteria for the United Arab Emirates before leaving, and if necessary, apply for the appropriate entry permission.

The following UAE visa categories are available, depending on the reason for the trip: tourist, transit, business, student, patient, GCC residents, retirement, and residential ones.

By reading this page, you can learn more about UAE visas.


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Tourist visa

Foreign nationals from all over the world who meet the requirements may enter the United Arab Emirates on a tourist visa.

Single- and multiple-entry tourist visas for the UAE are available for 30 or 90 days. A five-year visa for the UAE has also been introduced for frequent visits that do not last longer than 90 days each.

A tourist visa may be renewed twice for a total of 30 days for all categories.

Keep in mind that UAE embassies do not grant tourist visas. Through vetted hotels, airlines, and travel agents, you can submit an application. For instance, you can use our website to apply for a UAE e-Visa.

Transit visa

The transit visa enables tourists to travel from one country to another by way of the United Arab Emirates.

It is available in 48-hour and 96-hour varieties. They can't be made longer.

An applicant for a transit visa must present:

  • a valid passport
  • a face photo with a white background
  • an onward ticket to the next country

Business visa

Anyone who has owned their own business at some point and wishes to operate it in the United Arab Emirates may do so by applying for a business visa. It has multiple entry privileges for a duration of six months.

The Golden Visa program includes this kind of visa. Foreign nationals can apply for a long-term visa using this system for both themselves and their dependents.

The candidate must fulfill the following criteria:

  • prove their entrepreneurial experience
  • have been a start-up majority shareholder or its senior leadership member
  • have a business idea to implement in the UAE
  • plan to legally establish a business in the UAE.

Student visa

A student visa is an entry visa that enables anyone over the age of 18 to enroll in a university or college in the UAE.

Among the prerequisites for a student visa in the UAE are:

  • having a visa sponsor and an official admission letter from a respective educational institution
  • taking a health fitness test
  • having the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs approval

This UAE visa is initially granted for a duration of one year, but it may be extended for an additional year provided the applicant can show documentation from a recognized educational institution attesting to their intent to continue their studies there.

Outstanding students may be granted a five-year visa.

Patient and their companion entry permits

The purpose of the patient admission permits is to make it possible for international patients to go to the UAE for medical care that is sponsored by government- or privately-run hospitals.

Processing the application on behalf of the patient falls under the purview of the medical facility as the sponsor.

Permits for patient entry fall into one of two categories: multiple entries or multiple entries. Both types permit visitors to enter the UAE within two months of the date of the visa's issuance. The patient admission permit has a 90-day maximum stay restriction per stay.

Having the following is required for valid documentation for a patient entry permit:

  • applicant's effective passport
  • applicant's health insurance
  • sufficient bank balance
  • a letter from the medical institution on the reasons of the visit.

eVisa for GCC residents

GCC nationals and their guests can apply for the e-Visa for GCC residents. Since this visa is issued online, it is not essential to visit the UAE embassy in person.

The entry visas for citizens of the GCC are valid for 30 days after the day they are issued and permit a stay of 30 days beginning on the date of entry. It lasts for companions for 60 days rather than 30.

For GCC citizens and their guests, the e-Visa can be extended once for 30 days each.

Only if they are traveling with a sponsor who is a GCC resident may the application for companions be approved.

A minimum of three months must elapse after the entry date for both the GCC resident permit and the passport to remain valid.

Retirement visa for UAE residents

The UAE retirement visa enables retirees over 55 with valid residency to get a long-term visa valid for 5 years.

The applicants must be retired in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or the entire United Arab Emirates and have the necessary health insurance there. It's crucial to fulfill financial obligations.

If the applicant is still qualified for his type, the retirement visa may be renewed in five years.

Residence visa

People who want to live in the UAE must get a resident visa, often known as a work visa.

Typically, the applicant's former employer is responsible for the application procedure and associated costs.

It may also be acquired through making an investment in a business venture, purchasing real estate, or obtaining a student visa.

A health examination is required of applicants. HIV and/or TB positive people are not eligible for a UAE resident visa.

Green visa

The green visa is a type of residence permit for the United Arab Emirates that permits its bearer to sponsor themselves for a term of five years without needing the sponsorship of an employer or an individual from the UAE.

The green visa is intended for independent contractors, highly qualified workers, and partners or investors.

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