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Ukraine Visa Types

If your passport does not grant visa-free entrance into Ukraine but you would like to travel there, you will need to apply for a visa, which is essentially a travel authorization. There are various Ukraine visa categories depending on the reason for travel and length of stay.

The three types of Ukrainian visas are transit, short-term, and long-term. Learn about the Ukraine visa requirements before your travel as each of them has different characteristics.

Currently, planes are not permitted in Ukraine's airspace due to a persistent full-scale attack by Russia. However, citizens of Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, and Moldova can cross the border by land. Before visiting Ukraine, be sure the embassy of your country has resumed operations and issuing visas there. The situation there is unstable and subject to frequent change. The International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine does not require a visa for international volunteer warriors to enter Ukraine. To learn more about Ukraine visas and their several forms, read the article.

Transit (B type) visa


Foreigners and stateless people who wish to visit Ukraine for transit purposes—in order to travel from Ukraine to their next destination—are granted a transit visa.

A B-type visa can be issued as a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa, among other variations.

This visa is valid for a year (or another duration, depending on supporting documentation) and permits holders to stay in Ukraine for up to 5 days.

You can select one of the aforementioned B-type visas.

  • B-01 - Transit
  • B-02 - Transit transportation of goods and passengers
  • B-03 - Transit of crew members of foreign vessels stationed in Ukrainian ports

Short-term (C type) visa

For a period of 180 days (6 months), a short-term visa for Ukraine allows stays of up to 90 days (3 months).

For single, double, and numerous entries, C-type visas are available. The validity term is six months, although it may change depending on the supporting documents provided by the applicant. But it cannot be in effect for more than five years.

Short-term visas are granted for the following uses:

  • C-01 - Business visits
  • C-02 - Private visits
  • C-03 - Official visits (if invited by Ukraine's state authorities or entities)
  • C-04 - Transportation of goods and passengers
  • C-05 - Visits of Ukrainian descendants
  • C-06 - Tourism
  • C-07 - Medical Treatment
  • C-08 - Investment activities
  • C-09 - Cultural, scientific, educational, and sports activities
  • C-10 - Religious activities
  • C-11 - Mass media staff visits
  • C-12 - Official visits (upon requests of foreign authorities or international organizations)
  • C-13 - Foreign observers missions
  • C-14 - Attending a close relative's funeral
  • C-15 - Foreign or domestic policy interests (or exceptional cases)
  • C-16 - Elimination of an accident or emergency aftermath
  • C-17 - Flights of international aircraft pilots and crew members

Long-term (D type) visa

For people who wish to remain in Ukraine for more than 90 days (3 months) and obtain a temporary residency permit, long-term visas are available.

A long-term visa is valid for 90 days and permits multiple entries.

There are various subtypes of D-type visas:

  • D-01 - Immigration permit
  • D-02 - Family reunion with a person who has refugee status or temporal protection
  • D-03 - Diplomatic or official stay
  • D-04 - Employment by Ukraine's company
  • D-05 - Implementation of international technical assistance projects
  • D-06 - Religious and missionary activities
  • D-07 - Employment at a foreign non-governmental organization registered in Ukraine
  • D-08 - Employment at a foreign company registered in Ukraine
  • D-09 - Employment at a foreign bank registered in Ukraine
  • D-10 - Implementation of cultural, scientific, sport, and volunteer projects
  • D-11 - Employment at a foreign Mass Media in Ukraine
  • D-12 - Founder/participant/beneficial owner of a legal entity registered n Ukraine
  • D-13 - Study
  • D-14 - Family reunion with Ukraine's national
  • D-15 - Family reunion with a person who has a temporary residence permit
  • D-16 - For other purposes under international treaties


Additionally, previously qualified nationals may apply for a Ukraine visa online (this option has been temporarily suspended).

There are single-entry and double-entry versions of the Ukrainian e-Visa document. Both the permitted stay and the validity period are 30 days.

To make coming to Ukraine for tourism and commercial purposes simpler, an e-Visa has been introduced. To apply, all that was needed was to complete the online form (giving personal, travel, and passport details), pay the price, and attach the necessary papers.

Visas on Arrival

At the international airports of Boryspil and Odesa, some visas could be obtained upon arrival:

  • Single-entry transit visa B type (5-day visa for crew members of foreign vessels berthed in Ukrainian ports)
  • single-entry short-term C type (15-day emergency visa for diplomatic/official purposes, assistance in an emergency/accident, urgent medical treatment, participation in a close relative's funeral).

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