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Uganda Visa Types

Uganda Visa Types

Nationals of a select few nations are permitted entry into Uganda without a visa under the visa waiver program, while anybody else wishing to visit the nation must obtain a visa.

There are various visa kinds available, and those who possess them may travel to Uganda. They are influenced by the itinerary, destination, and length of stay.

For each category, there are distinct requirements and an application process. However, certain fundamental paperwork is required for all visas. Every candidate needs a passport that is good for at least six months from the date of arrival.

Each application must also include a recent passport photo and a certificate of yellow fever immunization. Other supporting documents could be a copy of the reservation or booking, an onward ticket, a letter of recommendation, etc.

Online applications for tourist, transit, and East Africa eVisas are accepted on the website. Regardless of whether they are visiting for personal or professional reasons, travelers can only obtain multiple-entry visas in Uganda; all other visas are issued by Uganda's diplomatic and consular posts overseas.

Read the article for additional information on the requirements for tourist, diplomatic and official, transit, multiple-entry, and East Africa tourist visas.


The Ugandan government implemented the electronic visa in order to greatly simplify the application process for qualified passengers. A candidate must complete a few easy steps: complete the online application, attach supporting papers, pay the money, and check their mailbox for the accepted visa. Such eVisas are available in Uganda, including transit, single-entry, and East African tourist eVisas.

Tourist eVisa (Single-Entry)

The tourist visa is intended for visitors who intend to visit Uganda for leisure, business, education, family visits, etc.

This three-month (90-day) single-entry visa is granted for travel only. The necessary paperwork depends on the particular trip's objectives.

A tour itinerary, airline booking, and hotel reservation are among the extra paperwork needed for a visa for tourism. If a traveler intends to stay somewhere other than a hotel, they must disclose the address of that place.

One requires a statement declaring business in Uganda and its address in order to obtain a business visa, which involves attending meetings and conferences.

The educational institution's invitation and admission letters must be shown by candidates for a visa to study in Uganda.

A letter of invitation, address for the hotel or other place of stay, and documentation of the host's immigration status must all be submitted with an application for a family visit visa.

The tourist single-entry visa may be renewed twice for a total of two additional months (60 days). This visa may be extended online, at the corporate and regional immigration offices, or in person.

Transit eVisa

A transit visa is designed for those circumstances in which a visitor must enter Uganda solely to proceed from there to their next destination, using Uganda as a stopover country.

A letter outlining the purpose for transit and the country of destination must be attached to the application form in addition to the usual needed documentation.

A transit visa for Uganda is valid for two days.

East African Tourist eVisa

A tourist visa for East Africa is ideal for people who want to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and other countries in addition to Uganda.

The validity period for an East African visa allows for several visits. This type of visa is valid for 3 months (90 days) starting on the day it is issued. It cannot be renewed once it expires or after leaving the Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda block.

Remember that the nation that issued your East Africa tourist visa must be your first point of entry. For instance, if Uganda issued the visa, you must first visit Uganda before traveling to Kenya and Rwanda.

A return ticket and a travel itinerary are required to complete the East Africa visa application.

Diplomatic And Official Visa

Holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports who need to go to Uganda for official purposes are awarded diplomatic and official visas. Additionally, holders of regular passports who are not subject to immigration fees may be awarded them.

While official visa applications must be backed by the necessary official documentation, diplomatic visa applications must include a diplomatic note (also known as a note verbale).

Multiple-Entry Visa

People who frequently visit Uganda and must return the country may find multiple-entry visas to be a fantastic option.

Multiple entries are permitted while the visa is valid with this sort of visa. There are three different types of multiple-entry visas: those valid for 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months.

To apply for this visa, one must have the following documents ready: a letter of recommendation from one or two Ugandan referees, a cover letter outlining the justifications for numerous entries, and documentation of all entries and exits from Uganda over the previous year.

On a visa that allows for numerous entries, you cannot work.

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