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Passenger Locator Form to Turkey

About Passenger locator form to Turkey

The Turkey Passenger Locator Form is a short, mandatory questionnaire regarding the personal and basic travel information of visitors to Turkey.
The Passenger Locator Form was launched on March 15, 2021 in light of the pandemic threat, to improve travel safety and help all international travelers feel protected during context of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
If you have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19 but have not been informed about it, the Turkish authorities will contact you to inform you and help you resolve quarantine-related issues.
Türkiye entry form must be completed up to 3 days (72 hours) before planned travel.
Make sure you do not complete your Türkiye entry form earlier than this specified time to avoid any problems when crossing the border.
Turkish customs officials must trust that the data you provide is up-to-date and accurate.

Who needs to apply for the Turkey passenger locator form?

Currently, all travelers must apply for entry online before arriving in Türkiye.
Each time you visit, a new passenger locator form with current data must be displayed.
Entry form requirements also cover all Turkish citizens and residents entering the country.
This helps reduce the number of positive Covid-19 cases as all travelers are notified immediately in case of contact with an infected person or in an emergency.

How to apply for the form for entry to Turkey?

All you need to do to register for the Turkey registration form is go through the quick and intuitive online registration process using any supporting device.
Complete the form 72 hours before your planned trip to Turkey, ensure that there are no errors in the information provided, and download the form once completed.

The Turkish government will process your application and issue your private HES code that will be necessary not only upon arrival but also upon traveling in between Turkey and visiting tourist destinations.

Click on LOGIN button then

Turkey entry form - online application guide:

  1. Fill out the entry form -
    provide basic personal and travel-related information online using any supported device.
  2. Give your first name, last name, nationality, phone number, passport details as well as accommodation and flight details.
  3. Premium- use any secure online payment method, choose from various methods available, including Turkish Registration Form Fee.
Please note that fees will apply when registering with our assistance.You can register for the Turkish PLF for free on the official website of the Turkish government.
Check your email - the published registration form, along with your own QR code and HES, will be sent directly to your email address as a PDF file.Remember to download and save as a copy on your phone or print it before departure.
Be careful!
Submit your Turkey registration form request within 72 hours before your trip to Türkiye.The data provided in the form must be relevant and accurate.
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our support team via email or phone


Turkey entrance form requirements

To apply for the entry form to Turkey, the minimum conditions must be met. The Traveler Entry Form requires foreign visitors, as well as all Turkish citizens and residents, to provide basic data.
All you need is information about your trip to Türkiye and your valid passport when you sign up!
Additionally, if you've recently traveled abroad, jot down a list of foreign destinations you've visited in the past ten days.

Are there any other entry requirements for Turkey?

Each country has its own rules and regulations for the new travel situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
Türkiye has decided to allow visitors who meet the following entry requirements:
  1. a valid e-Visa to Turkey (if required, depends on the nationality)
  2. a negative PCR test result
  3. a filled out health entrance form
  4. a QR and HES code (issued after filling the Turkey entrance form)
  5. a valid passport

Make sure that you meet the current requirements to enter Turkey without any issues.

What is the Turkish HES Code?

Türkiye's HES code is Hayat Eve Sığar code, which means Safe and Healthy Travel Rules.
Turkey's Ministry of Health has introduced the HES code to ensure the spread of Covid-19 is as minimal as possible.
The code will be generated after completing the Turkish input form and sent directly to your email inbox.
The HES code can then be used not only on arrival but also when traveling around the country and trying out available tourist attractions.

When should I complete the entrance form to Turkey?

Entry forms must be completed no more than 72 hours (3 days) before the scheduled departure date.
Time to complete the registration form is critical as all information provided must be appropriate.
Turkish customs officials will check whether the information provided is correct.
Please note
that we provide an intermediary service for travelers who wish to have access to a clearer and more intuitive PLF Turkey application form, available in various languages.
Our team of experts processes each submitted application to ensure positive approval and support travelers throughout the process.

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