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Signal Iduna

SIGNAL IDUNA Group is one of the largest financial and insurance institutions on the German market, providing services to private and corporate customers for more than 100 years.
Concern's strength lies in the comprehensiveness of its insurance offering.

Travel Insurance

A business trip of a few days, a holiday in Zanzibar, a safari in Kenya or perhaps an endless trek to Oman?
Wherever you go abroad, buy insurance!
Travel insurance will ensure you peace and safety throughout your trip.
We face health problems like sunburn, stroke, food poisoning or even high fever during vacation.
We will never be able to predict how our bodies will react to climate change.
In such situations, a doctor's help is often necessary.
Thanks to travel insurance, you will not have to bear the high costs of treatment abroad.
Specialist travel insurance has the perfect coverage for any trip to the most remote places in the world.
Travel policies always include insurance for:
  • treatment, rescue and support costs;
  • medical treatment and service costs if you become ill with COVID-19 while traveling legal assistance;
  • consequences of accidents.
With SIGNAL IDUNA, you also have the option to expand your protection, including:
  • luggage and other valuables;
  • electronic products;
  • Civil liability insurance in private life.
Many years of experience allow us to understand the problems of tourists.
We know that random events can get in the way of plans.
Therefore, travel insurance will cover you if necessary to save your life and health.
Outpatient visits, hospital stays, medical transport, emergency medical services - e.g.
ambulance, helicopter, search operations, etc.
This is an essential part of the entire policy.


Includes global coverage for COVID-19 treatment and support. SIGNAL IDUNA is one of the first insurance companies to introduce COVID-19 travel protection for treatment costs due to SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2 along with mutations caused by them. Under Safe Travel insurance, we also extend coverage for up to 7 days (free of charge) for medical expenses and assistance in case of cancellation of a previously planned return trip abroad due to infectious disease epidemic, a pandemic that begins during the Insured Person's stay abroad.


Comprehensive cover for overseas processing costs meets the requirements of most countries worldwide - up to EUR 250,000. So our coverage means you don't have to think about choosing the right variant. Everything has been carefully prepared in every aspect. Insurance covers chronic diseases, ensuring that necessary treatment costs related to diagnosed diseases are covered.


Baggage insurance in case of loss or damage. Travel luggage, including photographic equipment, computer equipment, audio and video equipment and mobile phones. The insurance covers the cost of destroyed travel baggage as well as travel delays up to the amount of baggage insurance. In case of loss of documents, the insured will enjoy full insurance benefits up to the sum insured.



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