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Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

Saudi Arabia Entry Registration is a mandatory electronic travel registration for all travelers entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

KSA registration is available to travelers entirely online and requires certain personal, travel, health and visa-related information, as well as the traveler's passport number.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has introduced a requirement to complete check-in upon arrival for foreign tourists and residents of Saudi Arabia to ensure that any visit to the country is safe for the public.

Although Covid-19 restrictions in Saudi Arabia have been lifted, check-in on arrival is still required for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers visiting Saudi Arabia.

Check-in in Saudi Arabia must be completed within 72 hours of scheduled arrival. However, the process of filling out the arrival registration form cannot begin earlier than 72 hours before the scheduled arrival time. The Saudi Arabian government has stipulated such a period to ensure that the data provided by tourists will be relevant and up to date.

To complete check-in upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, ensure that you have a stable Internet connection, a valid passport, an issued Saudi eVisa (if nationality is required), basic details related to the trip, such as flight number or arrival date, and fill out the form with the requested data online.

A PDF confirmation of completion of the KSA registration procedure will be sent to each traveler via email upon submission of the online application form.

Requirements to complete the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

Technical Requirements

  1. an active email address - to receive registration to Saudi Arabia that has been processed
  2. Internet connection - because the registration process takes place online , any functional device to complete the registration process, be it a phone, laptop, PC or tablet,necessary document,valid passport
  3. Iqama – only required for residents of Saudi Arabia to complete registration
  4. Valid eVisa - if required by the traveler's nationality (citizens of nearly 50 countries must apply for a Saudi eVisa before arriving in Saudi Arabia)

Required Information

  1. Personal data, such as traveler's name, date of birth, nationality, passport number
  2. Arrival and trip details: destination type (air/land/sea), arrival date and destination, departure country Flight
  3. information: flight number, airline name
  4. Visa details - visa number (if a visa is required depends on the traveler's nationality)

Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration Types

Types of the Arrival Registration for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  1. Vaccinated Visitor
  2. Not Vaccinated Visitor
  3. Medical Visitor (available for Bahrain citizens visiting Saudi Arabia by land for medical treatment)
  4. Vaccinated Resident
  5. Not Vaccinated Resident
  6. Domestic Labor Arriving with a Saudi Citizen

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers several types of electronic registration upon arrival, which vary depending on the traveler's vaccination status, state of residence or reason for visit.

However, the form itself doesn't vary much between the available subscription types.

How to apply for the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

A step-by-step guide on applying for the Saudi Arrival Registration:

  1. Provide the required data in the online application form (personal details, travel information, passport number, arrival details)
  2. Carefully check the completed application form to ensure that each information provided is correct.
  3. Submit your application form
  4. Pay the applicable service fee when applying with our professional eVisa and travel document service
  5. Check your email inbox for a PDF confirmation of your completed registration.

Additional information to provide for:

  1. Fully vaccinated travelers - vaccination details
  2. Saudi Arabia residents - the Iqama number
  3. eVisa/Visa holders - visa number

What happens after applying

After submitting electronic registration to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, travelers will receive a PDF confirming form completion via email.

Make sure to provide a correct and active email address when filling the KSA Registration Request Form to receive the PDF confirmation without any hassle.

Saudi Arabia Covid Entry Requirements

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lifted all entry requirements related to Covid-19, allowing vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers to visit its territory.

The only remaining requirement is to complete KSA e-Registration upon arrival within 72 hours of scheduled arrival.

Benefits of applying for the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration with Divine E-Visa

Registering upon arrival in Saudi Arabia with the Divine e-visa makes the entire process much easier. You will have:

  • all KSA registration information available in five languages ​​(English, Polish, German, Chinese and Spanish)
  • a simpler and more intuitive registration form
  • Advice and support from our experts
  • KSA government registration process is managed on your behalf

Frequently asked questions

Check-in in Saudi Arabia must be completed within 72 hours of intended arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Do not begin the registration process more than 72 hours before your expected time of arrival in Saudi Arabia to ensure that the information provided will be up to date and in accordance with the Government of Saudi Arabia.

Completing KSA’s check-in upon arrival is extremely simple and requires travelers to provide the necessary data in an online application form. Carefully provide the necessary information while ensuring that you do not make any spelling mistakes as all the details provided must be accurate. Then submit the completed form and wait for the PDF confirmation to be sent via email.

Registration to KSA is a mandatory document for foreign tourists and residents of Saudi Arabia who wish to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers and residents of Saudi Arabia must complete the KSA application form within 72 hours of their intended arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Children need KSA registration to enter Saudi Arabia. Minor travelers must be listed as a dependent by their parent/legal guardian and they will fill out a registration form upon arrival. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the adult filling out the application to provide correct and accurate data.

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