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Rwanda Visa Types

Since only a small number of passports can enter Rwanda without a visa, most nationals must obtain one.

Depending on the itinerary and intended length of stay, there are various types of visas.

People who want to visit Rwanda for a brief length of time but do not intend to stay there permanently must apply for a tourist visa.

The following visa categories offer a tourist type: single-entry, multiple-entry, transit, tourist, family, visiting diplomat, single-entry conference, multiple-entry conference, business, medical treatment, group tourist, and East Africa visa.

A traveler may apply for a visa online, at a Rwandan diplomatic mission, or at the Directorate General's Client Service Center in Kigali depending on their citizenship and the selected visa class.

Single entry e-Visa

Foreign nationals who intend to visit Rwanda for any reason other than work must get a single entry electronic visa (class V1(s)).

It allows for a single entry and a 30-day stay in the nation. After entering Rwanda, a visitor should select a different type of visa if they intend to stay for an extended period of time.

Multiple entry e-Visa

A multiple-entry visa (class V1(m)) is the same as a single-entry one in all respects, with the exception that its holders are permitted to visit Rwanda several times during a 30-day period.

Transit Visa

A transit visa (class Q1) is intended for travelers who need to pass through Rwanda on their way to another location.

One entry is permitted per class of visa, and stays are limited to 72 hours.

Applicants must have a confirmed onward reservation from Rwanda to a third nation or alternative acceptable intentions to leave Rwanda within the specified time frame.

An additional transit visa for the following 72 hours may be granted in extreme cases.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa (class T2) enables visitors to Rwanda for short-term visits to relatives and friends as well as for leisure, holidays, and entertainment.

The 90-day duration of this sort of visa allows multiple entries into Rwanda for the holder.

At the Client Service Center of the Director General in Kigali, a tourist visa may be renewed for an additional 90 days.

Family Visa

For people who want to travel to Rwanda to see family members who live and work there, the family visa (class T3) is available.

If the applicant can show that they intend to leave and reenter Rwanda more than three times for family-related reasons, the visa may be awarded for multiple entries.

It has a 90-day shelf life and a maximum extension period of 9 months.

Visiting Diplomat

Diplomats traveling to Rwanda on business may apply for a visa of this type (class T4).

It has a 2-year validity period and is a multiple-entry visa. A visit cannot last longer than 90 days.

If necessary for the official visit, it permits bringing dependents and working for the purpose of the visit.

Visa extensions are not permitted. A diplomat must apply for a fresh relevant visa in order to stay in the nation.

Single Entry – Conference

Conference attendees may apply for a conference visa (Class T6-1) to attend conferences, meetings, workshops, or seminars.

This type is single-entry and has a 30-day validity period.

A person needs to obtain another pertinent visa while their existing visa is still valid in order to change their status and stay in Rwanda for an extended amount of time.

Multiple Entry – Conference

A class T6-2 conference visa permits numerous entries while serving the same functions as a class T6-1 visa.

Unlike a single-entry conference visa, this category can only be awarded by the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration or the Rwandan diplomatic representation.


Prospective investors, business owners, and dealers can visit Rwanda to investigate the country's business potential with a business visa (class T7).

The 30-day visa is multi-entry and has no expiration date.

It is possible to extend a business class visa once.

Tourist – Medical Treatment

An appointment to a private clinic or public health institution in Rwanda, confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner of that facility, is required for the issuance of a medical visa (class T8).

Applicants must be able to attest that they have solid plans to return to their place of origin.

The same class of visa may be issued to an accompanying person.

It is good for 90 days. A visa holder is permitted several entries during this time.

By submitting an application to the Directorate General, medical visas may be prolonged for a single period of up to 90 days. The cost of the additional visa is Rwf 10,000.

Tourist – Group Tourist

Each traveler traveling in a group of four to ten is issued a group tourist visa (class T9), either on their own or through a tour operator registered to conduct business in Rwanda.

Holders of this category are required to enter Rwanda with other group members and leave the country with the same group.

A tourist group visa is valid for 90 days and allows for multiple entries.

Tour operators must submit a single application for the entire group in order to renew the visa. The extension may last a maximum of 180 days.

East Africa Tourist Visa

Travelers who want to simultaneously visit the republics of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for tourism should apply for an East African visa (T12).

The nation from whence the visa was granted must be used for entry into East Africa.

The two other countries may be visited several times throughout the 90-day validity period without requiring a new visa or additional fees.

Visas for East Africa shouldn't be renewed.

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