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Romania Visa Types

A person must submit a visa application for one of the Romanian visas if they cannot enter the country without one.

All other Romanian visas can be categorized as either short-term or long-term. There are the airport transit visas A and B. Typically, short-term visas are valid for up to 90 days. Those who need to stay in the nation for an extended period of time should apply for a long-term visa.

Official missions, tourism, private visits, business excursions, transportation, sports, cultural, scientific, and humanitarian activities, as well as short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not violate Romanian laws, all qualify for the issuance of short-term visas.

Visas can be applied for easily online for transit, business, and tourist purposes.

Long-term visas are available for work, secondment, study, scientific research, diplomatic missions, and service. They are also available for professional and commercial endeavors.

Find out more about Romanian visa categories below.

Romania e-Visa

A Romania e-Visa can be applied for by eligible nationals. After following a few simple instructions, it is accessible online.

The applicant must submit the required documents, supply some personal and travel information, and pay the processing fee for the visa. The applicant's email account will get the approval as a PDF document.

You can get a short-term tourist, business, or transit visa for Romania.

The airport transit visa

The airport transit visa (A) is a type of Romanian visa that allows its bearers to travel through airports' international transit zones without entering Romanian territory. Both consular offices and diplomatic missions may award it.

The transit visa

Travelers can visit Romania on a transit visa (B) in order to reach their next destination. It can have one entry, two entries, or numerous entries. Each visit must not exceed five days.

The short-stay visa

Official missions

People who have official jobs in governments, public administrations, or international organizations can apply for a short-stay visa for official missions (C/M) along with their families. They must be traveling for official, administrative, or public purposes.


The tourist visa (C/TU) is intended for leisure activities like touring and discovering Romania. Proof of an itinerary outlining the trip is required for the visa application for this kind.

Private visits

Foreigners who want to go to Romania to see relatives or friends who are Romanian citizens or have permanent residence in Romania are granted the short-stay private visit visa (C/VV).


The transport visa (C/TR) is intended for nationals of third countries who need to visit Romania for a brief period of time in order to conduct cargo and transportation-related tasks.


Persons planning to enter Romania to take part in sporting events or competitions are issued the sports short-term visa (C/SP). Documents demonstrating the applicant's occupation and intended activities in Romania are required.

Cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, as well as short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not breach Romanian laws

Foreign nationals intending to go to Romania for a brief period to engage in humanitarian, scientific, or other activities that do not contravene local regulations may apply for a C/ZA visa.

Those who want medical treatment in Romania should also submit an application for this category of visa.

Business trips

Individuals are able to participate in conferences, business meetings, congresses, and trade shows with the Romanian business visa (C/A). Additionally, it is given out for staff training, contract negotiations, and contract checks of the items through commercial agreements and industrial collaboration. foreign nationals are allowed to join a Romanian corporation as shareholders or associates.

The long-stay visa

Economic activities

The long-term visa for economic activities (D/AE) enables travelers to engage in certain structured and controlled economic activities in Romania.

Professional activities

To practice liberal professions on Romanian soil as permitted by unique legal provisions, one must get a professional activities visa (D/AP).

Commercial activities

A long-term visa for persons who intend to be shareholders or associates in managerial or administrative positions is the commercial activities visa (D/AC).


The employment visa (D/AM) must be obtained by people who want to be employed in Romania.

Athletes playing in clubs or teams on the grounds of an individual work contract or of a legal agreement should also get an employment visa.


The secondment visa (D/DT) is a Romanian visa given to foreign nationals who would engage in lucrative activities there with a client who will benefit from the services rendered.

the secondment permit granted in accordance with Romania's specific laws governing the employment and secondment of foreign nationals.

Religious activities

The religious activities visa (D/AR) is a category of long-term visa applied for by citizens of third countries who intend to visit Romania to engage in activities related to recognized religions.

A candidate must demonstrate that they are an official from a religious group that was formally established in Romania.

Scientific research

A long-term authorization to remain in Romania for the purpose of doing scientific research is known as a scientific research visa (D/CS), and it is granted with the approval of the General Inspectorate for Immigration and the Ministry of Research and Innovation.

The institutions and units of certified research and development must request the endorsement.

Diplomatic and service

Holders of diplomatic and official passports are able to live permanently on Romanian soil thanks to the diplomatic and service visas.

As staff members of foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts accredited in Romania, applicants must perform an official duty.


The studies visa (D/DS) is granted to applicants who will apply as students, trainees, or students and who desire to pursue undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies.

The Romanian Ministry of Education's certification confirming the applicant for a study visa will enroll in a full-time program at a public or private higher education institution recognized by law serves as the applicant's proof of admission for study.

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