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Qatar Visa Types

Visas are required for visitors entering Qatar if they do not already have visa-free admission.

Depending on the type of visa, applying for a Qatar e-Visa online may be sufficient, or a trip to a Qatar embassy may be required.

Visas for Qatar can be obtained for travel, business, transit, investment, visits, families, GCC residents, newborns, educational purposes, real estate, and returns.

The forms of visas for Qatar are detailed below.

Tourist Visa

Foreign nationals may visit Qatar on a tourist visa to do some sight-seeing and explore the nation.

The appropriate paperwork for this Qatar visa consists of:

  • bio-data passport page
  • face photo
  • flight ticket
  • hotel confirmation/other proof of having accommodation while in Qatar

A short-term tourist visa is valid for two weeks, and a long-term tourist visa is valid for three months.

A tourist e-Visa for Qatar can be requested online.

Business Visa

The business visa allows its holders to temporarily conduct business in Qatar. It is distributed in two groups.

The first category is good for short visits, such as going to conferences, congresses, meetings, etc., and is valid for 72 hours.

The second category enables foreign workers or individuals to engage in temporary contract work. This category is valid for a maximum of three months. Anyone interested in applying for an extension must undergo a health examination.


With a transit visa, tourists can enter Qatar and go on to the next nation on their itinerary.

Holders are allowed to spend up to 24 hours in Qatar after leaving the airport transit area.

Employees with jobs that demand a brief stay in the nation, such truck drivers or sailors passing through Qatar, can also receive it.

Before the journey, the transit visa can be obtained at a Qatari embassy.

Investor visa

For people who want to invest in a business in Qatar, there is the investor visa. People with this visa are permitted to live there without finding job.

An applicant must possess a health examination, a certificate of good behavior, and proof of property ownership in order to apply for a Qatar investor visa.

Visit Visa

A relative in Qatar who will sponsor the application is a requirement for receiving a visa for a family visit.

This Qatari visa is good for one month, after which it can be renewed for up to six months for members of the immediate family (spouse and children). The extended term is three months for other family members.

Family Visa

The applicant's host family member must work for their company for at least six months and earn more than QR10,000 per month in order to qualify for a family type visa.

The visa, which enables one to bring family members to Qatar, is issued under the employment ship.

A family visa has no expiration date, in contrast to a visit visa.

GCC Resident Visa

Residents of the GCC who work in specific professions can get the GCC Resident visa.

The validity period is one month, after which it may be extended for a further three months.

Newborn visa

Newborns (less than three months old) traveling to Qatar with their mothers are granted the newborn visa.

The infant must have an own passport or be listed on its parents' passport. An appropriate residency permit is required for both parents.

Additionally, the application must include a copy of the newborn's birth certificate.

Education Residence Visa

The education residency visa is for those who wish to enroll in academic coursework at a recognized institution and remain in Qatar throughout the program.

This Qatar visa is available from the MOI's Expatriates Affairs & Unified Services Centers and is awarded by the Committee Reviewing Recruitment Applications.

Real Estate Visa

Owners of real estate are eligible for the Qatar visa for real estate.

The General Directorate of Borders, Passports, and Expatriates Affairs at the MoI can help you get one.

A valid passport, a letter from an organization outlining the property investment, a health check-up, and a certificate of good behaviour are required for entry into Qatar with this visa.

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