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Passenger locator form France (PLF)

The French Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a mandatory travel certificate that is part of the European Union's Digital Passenger Locator Form system along with Italy, Malta and Slovenia. The French PLF Certificate serves as an online health declaration requiring travelers to provide essential details about their upcoming visit to France as well as basic, detailed personal information. Contact details and information related to their health.
France's PLF is fully available online and confirmation of completion will be sent to each traveler via email.
By completing the form, travelers also receive a unique QR code that is checked by border officials upon arrival.
Passenger Locator Forms
have been introduced in France with the aim of serving as an additional security measure as they provide the French government with the necessary personal and contact information of each traveler. Each traveler must complete an individual digital passenger locator form from France before entering France and receive their own QR code for travel.

What do I need to apply for the French PLF?

To apply for the French PLF, travelers will need:

  1. an Internet connection
  2. an active email address
  3. any device (a phone, laptop, tablet, or a PC)

Other than that, you'll need to prepare:

  1. your valid passport
  2. all the essential details of your upcoming trip to France
  3. your contact details
  4. basic personal information of you and your travel companions
  5. health-related details

Step-By-Step Guide to Completing the French dPLF

France's dPLF registration process involves several steps and does not require travelers to spend much time completing it.

3-step application process for the French Passenger Locator Form:

  1. Enter the required data into the application form - carefully provide the required information into the application form making sure to enter all the data correctly.
  2. Cover the service fee using any preferred method of online payment.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email - the confirmation of completing the French (EU) Passenger Locator Form will be delivered to each applicant via email along with their unique QR codes necessary to enter France during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What happens after applying?

After submitting your online application, French authorities will begin reviewing your passenger locator form.
Once processed, the dPLF completion confirmation will arrive in your email inbox as a PDF.
Each traveler who completes the French PLF online will also receive a QR code that will be verified by authorities during their trip to France.

Covid-19 restrictions in France

The division of foreign nations by France, like many other nations today, is based on a color-coded system, with each color designating the country's level of danger or the presence of a worry. version of Covid-19.

There are countries on the green, orange, red, and scarlet lists, each with a particular set of admission restrictions and/or regulations.

Do take note! Currently, regardless of their vaccination status, all tourists over the age of 12 are required to take either a PCR or an antigen Covid-19 test within 24 or 48 hours of their arrival. Depending on the traveler's nation of origin, there are several times when the exam should be taken.

The entrance requirements as well as the Covid-19 restrictions in place may alter over time. When arranging a vacation to France, it is preferable to visit the French Government website for the most recent information.

Frequently asked questions

Every traveler needs to complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form and present the confirmation of its completion to the border control authorities upon entering France. French PLF is part of the European Union Digital Passenger Locator Form system and is available entirely online.

Yes, children also need to complete the French PLF before departure to this country. A separate form should be completed for each traveler, even an underage one. Parents or legal guardians should make sure to enter correct data when completing the form on behalf of their children.

To complete the French PLF you’ll need an internet connection, a working device, and an active email address. Make sure to also have all the essential details about your upcoming trip to France, as well as your valid passport, on hand when filling out your application online.

To apply for the Passenger Locator Form for France: complete the online form providing the required data (remember that it must be up-to-date and correct), cover the service fee, and wait for a confirmation email to be delivered.

To complete the dPLF for Italy, travelers need to provide information relating to the transportation type to be used, further details regarding the planned trip, dates of arrival and departure, personal information, contact details, as well as one’s permanent and temporary address.

There are a few Covid-19 restrictions in France implemented in France. The most important one for now is the fact that all travelers aged 12 and over must present a negative Covid-19 test (either antigen or PCR) no matter their vaccination status. It’s best to check the official Government of France website for updated information regarding the Covid regulations.

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