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New Zealand Visa Types

People may travel to New Zealand for a variety of reasons, but the majority of them all have one thing in common: they all need to apply for visas. Others must apply for a specific visa type, while some are fortunate enough to visit New Zealand without a visa or obtain an electronic travel permission through an online application.

There are many visa types that are suitable for varied circumstances, goals, and time periods. The kind of visa a tourist is eligible for to enter New Zealand depends in large part on citizenship.

New Zealand visas can be categorized into two groups: resident and temporary categories, depending on the length of the intended stay. There are subtypes, circumstances, and requirements for each category.


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New Zealand Resident Visas

For those with the ability to work and study in New Zealand for an extended period of time or permanently, a residence visa is required.

The skilled migrant category, business and investor visas, family visas, retirement visas, employees of relocating businesses, and residence from work are some of the choices for a resident visa.

Expert Immigrant Category

People with a professional experience are able to live, study, and work in New Zealand with the help of their partners and dependant children who are 24 years old or younger. This is possible with a visa for the skilled migrant category.

It is based on a points system, where points are given for accomplishments such as education, work experience, age, employment in a skilled field, partner qualities, etc. A candidate must obtain a minimum of 160 points to be qualified. The caliber of the contending candidates determines how many points will be chosen.

Families Visa

If your circumstance falls under one of the following headings, you may apply for a family visa:

  1. Partnership
  2. Retirement of parents
  3. Parent
  4. Dependent Child
  5. (Until May 16, 2012) Sibling and Adult Child
  6. international adoption

Retirement Permit

People who have achieved retirement age and desire to remain in New Zealand as retirees are eligible for retirement visas. You have two choices for visas:

  1. The Temporary Retirement Category is an extended visitor visa for up to 2 years for those who are 66 and over and have the necessary amount to invest in New Zealand, maintenance funds to live on, and a respectable annual income.
  2. The Parent Category is a genuine residence category for those having children who are New Zealand residents or citizens and obtain the minimum required income.

Relocating Business Visa employees

Employees of a migrating firm are eligible for a visa if their company is moving to New Zealand. Holders of this type of visa are permitted to

The applicant must be a significant employee of the firm in order for it to qualify for this form of loan, and the business must be helping New Zealand's economy thrive.

dwelling after work

People who are in possession of one of the following work visas and whose skills are in demand in New Zealand may be granted residence from that work visa.

  1. Visa for Talent (Accredited Employers)
  2. Talent visa (for the arts, culture, and sports)
  3. visa for long-term skill shortages
  4. visa for religious workers
  5. Visa for South Island Contribution

Investor and Business Visa

Entrepreneurs who want to launch their own firm or invest their money in New Zealand can do so with a business or investor visa.

The following conditions must be satisfied by applicants in order for this type of visa to be issued:

  1. required of a fit and proper person
  2. English proficiency required
  3. requirements for character and health

New Zealand Temporary Visas

Visitors, students, and workers who really want to spend a short time in New Zealand and have no intention of staying there illegally are granted temporary categories of visas.

Work Permit

Those who want to work while in New Zealand are granted a work visa.

The following choices are available for selection:

  • the family stream is for partners of New Zealand citizens and residents and holders of long-term business visas and work visas;
  • the international/humanitarian stream is for humanitarian and international obligations and work on a reciprocal basis;
  • the special work stream is for horticulture and viticulture seasonal work visas, foreign crew of fishers, and holders of long-term business visas.

Business Work Permit

People with an entrepreneur visa are permitted to work for their own company for a maximum of three years.

The requirements for applicants include a business proposal, NZD 100,000 in investment, and 120 points on the New Zealand scoring scale.

Visitor's Pass

The visitor type offers the chance to see New Zealand, pay visits to relatives and friends, take a few classes, or go to a job interview. Up to nine months may be spent there.

Visas are not required for citizens of countries that have them; instead, they must have a NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

Student visa

A student visa enables longer-than-3-month study in New Zealand. It is valid for the same period of time as the paid study's paid duration.

An applicant may work full-time during the holidays or part-time while studying, depending on the terms of their visa.

Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa

A parent or other legal guardian caring for a minor on a student visa qualifies for a guardian of a student visitor visa.

This visa is valid for the same period of time as the accompanied child's student visa.

Post-study Work Visas

Recent graduates are able to work for any employer in practically any job in New Zealand with a post-study work visa.

Depending on their qualifications, the holders of this visa may remain in the nation for up to three years.

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