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Myanmar Visa Types

All visitors to Myanmar and those who are not visa-exempt must apply for the appropriate Myanmar visa before the date of travel.

Visas may vary depending on the purpose of travel, number of entries and days of stay allowed, required documents and visa application method.

There are 12 types of visas for Myanmar:
diplomatic/official courtesy visa, tourist visa, business visa, social visa, religious visa, transit visa, official visa, work visa, education visa, journalist visas, crew visas and conference/conference/meeting/research visas.

You can get more specific information about each visa type in this article.

Diplomatic/Official Courtesy Visa

Diplomatic/official courtesy visas are designed for people entering Myanmar for a diplomatic visit. It is issued for the duration of the mission.

Supporting documents for this type of visa include a diplomatic/official visit appointment letter from the country of origin and an invitation letter issued by the relevant Ministry.

Tourist Visa

Myanmar tourist visa allows visitors to temporarily stay in Myanmar for recreational purposes. Its validity period is 28 days.

To complete the application, you must attach a round-trip airline ticket. Eligible citizens can apply for a tourist visa online.

Business Visa

A business visa allows its holder to travel to Myanmar for commercial reasons. It can be issued with one item or multiple items.

Single-entry visas are valid for 70 days, while multiple-entry visas can be issued for 3 months, 6 months or a year.

To apply for a Myanmar visa for business purposes, you need a letter of introduction from the employer in the host country, an invitation letter from a company in Myanmar and a business registration certificate in Myanmar.

Business visas can be extended. You can apply for a single-entry visa online.

Social Visa

From July 5, 2022, it is possible to apply for a visa on arrival. Certain nationals (e.g. from Türkiye, the Bahamas or Canada) and residence permit holders can obtain this type of visa.

Additionally, Armenian citizens and natives (and their families) can apply for a visa on arrival.

Religious Visa

Religious visas are for people coming to Myanmar for religious activities. It is issued to those entering the country with a stay of 70 days and to many people for a period of 3/6 months or a year.

Applicants need a sponsorship letter and invitation letter from meditation centers/religious centers/monasteries in Myanmar and the country of origin.

Can be extended beyond the validity period.

Transit Visa

 Myanmar transit visas are issued for 24 hours to allow travelers to travel through Myanmar to another country. A plane ticket is required to proceed.

Official Visa

Individuals may apply for official visas to participate in INGO activities recognized by the United Nations Government/Union of Myanmar.

Official visas can be single-entry (70 days) and multiple-entry (3 months/6 months/one year).

Employment Visa

Work visa is a 70-day visa for people who want to work in Myanmar. An appointment letter and invitation letter from the Myanmar company is required.

Foreign nationals entering Myanmar on a work visa must apply for a labor registration card issued by the Ministry of Labor, Immigration and Population.

Journalist Visa

Journalist visas can be issued to journalists entering the country for journalistic activities and are valid for 28 days.

Necessary supporting documents include proof of reason for coming to Myanmar, proof of being a journalist, login address and contact information of the contact person/organization/department in Myanmar.

Crew Visa

Myanmar crew visas are issued to crew members serving on ships or aircraft. It can be issued as a 90-day single-entry visa or a 3-, 6- or 12-month multiple-entry permit.

The documents required for this type of visa are proof that you are a seafarer with a valid license, proof of reason for travel, and contact information for the individual/organization/department in Myanmar.

Workshop/Seminar/Meeting/Research Visa

The seminar/workshop/meeting/research visa is for people coming to Myanmar to attend seminars, workshops, meetings or conduct research.

It is valid for 28 days and can be renewed. To register, you need an invitation letter from the relevant ministry/organization.

Education Visa

An education visa is required for those intending to teach or study in Myanmar. It can be issued as a single-entry visa for 3 months or a multiple-entry visa for 3/6/12 months.

Student visa requirements include a letter of recommendation from a respective school or university.

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