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Mexico Visa Types

In 2020, Mexico ranked third in the world with 51 million tourists coming to this country. Most of these people must apply for a visa before arriving in the country.

The Mexican government has implemented different visa categories to tailor entry and stay regulations to the needs of visitors.

In this article, you will find a brief description of the different types of Mexican visas, such as:

  • Mexico Visitor Visa
  • Electronic Visa (SAE)
  • Mexico Work Visa
  • Mexico Temporary Resident Visa
  • Mexico Resident Visa
  • Mexico Tourist Card (FMM)

Mexico Visitor Visa

The Mexico Tourist Visa is the best option for foreign tourists planning to visit Mexico and stay for short periods of up to 6 months. They cannot be paid for activities performed during the trip. These can only be goals related to travel, public transport, business, training or volunteering.

Mexico tourist visa

Mexico tourist visas are available to travelers from eligible countries. Applicants can complete the procedures at the nearest embassy or consulate. Among the required documents include passport, personal information, purpose of visit, proof of sufficient financial resources to travel, criminal record (if applicable) and details of previous travel to Mexico (if applicable).

Mexico transit visa

If you are transiting through Mexico to another location and your stay lasts more than 24 hours or if you leave the transit hall of the Mexico International Airport, you will need a Mexican transit visa. In addition to the basic documents needed to apply for a visa, Mexican authorities require copies of onward tickets to allow travelers to enter the country.

Mexico business visa

The Mexico business visa is issued to businessmen coming to Canada for business purposes such as conferences, business meetings, negotiations, etc. Eligible applicants go to the Mexican Embassy and submit their visa application along with supporting documents. They may be asked to demonstrate their professional skills and present an invitation letter from the Mexican company.

Electronic Visa (SAE)

Travelers of eligible nationalities have another option when visiting Mexico. This is an electronic travel permit, called Sistema de Autorización Electrónica (SAE). The application process is very convenient and saves a lot of time. You can complete the procedures at home. Requirements are minimized to make the application as simple as possible.

Mexico Work Visa

People who want to work and earn money in Mexico must apply for a work visa. The most common visa in this category is the temporary work visa. To enter Mexico, applicants must provide a completed application form and supporting documents such as proof of employment contract or job offer received and proof of tax payment.

Mexico Temporary Resident Visa

A temporary residence visa allows visitors to enter Mexico multiple times for a maximum period of validity of 4 years. To receive this visa, applicants must meet financial requirements and demonstrate that they have sufficient financial means to live in Mexico.

This document is not issued by a consulate outside of Mexico like other types of visas. Instead, applicants are pre-approved for their application and must go to an immigration office in Mexico to receive final approval. This must be done within 30 days of arrival in the country. After four years of temporary residence, holders of a work visa in Mexico can apply to convert their visa to a permanent residence permit.

Mexico Resident Visa

Unlike permanent residence visas, permanent residence visas in Mexico are for foreign visitors who want to settle in the country, work there, and raise a family there. This type of visa is the next step to obtaining Mexican citizenship.

Permanent residence visas can be converted to temporary visas, but this is not required. It also does not require a work permit. It all depends on each person's circumstances and living conditions. Investors and professionals are both welcome when it comes to those looking to make money in Mexico.

Mexican residence visas are also issued to those with independent income. They may be retirees or tourists who will live with relatives from Mexico.

Mexico Tourist Card (FMM)

The Mexican tourist card (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) is a document issued to qualified travelers intending to travel to Mexico by air or land. Although this is not a visa, it allows its holder to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days. The Mexican government implemented this single-entry permit in 2015 to facilitate entry procedures for foreign tourists.

The Mexico tourist card is an electronic document that the applicant can apply for without leaving home. The approved FMM will be sent as a PDF file to the traveler's email address specified in the application form. A valid passport and airline ticket are enough to complete the formalities. Permit processing and approval takes up to 3 business days, providing great comfort and safety for visitors to Mexico for tourism purposes.

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