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Malta Passenger Locator Form, PLF

The Malta Passenger Locator Form is an online health and travel declaration form that is part of the European Digital Passenger Locator Form system and serves as a mandatory document for entry into Malta during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
All visitors to Malta are required to submit a PLF form, regardless of age, vaccination status or country of origin.
Every visitor wishing to visit Malta must fill out this form to help the Maltese health authorities monitor the Covid-19 situation in the country.
The only exception to completing the Maltese Digital Passenger Locator Form is for travelers who have a stopover in Malta and do not leave the airport transit area.
Malta PLF can only be completed online from 16 August 2021, when the country's government moved the PLF to a fully online system.
Completing the PLF is extremely intuitive and can be done using any device connected to the internet within 72 hours of the planned arrival in Malta.
After submitting the Maltese PLF online, travelers receive a PDF confirmation along with a unique QR code via email.

What do I need to fill out the PLF for Malta?

To complete the PLF for Malta, prepare the following documents:
  • valid passport/ID card (depending on the documents you will bring)
  • vaccination certificate
  • or PCR test results negative (test must be passed within 72 hours of arrival in Malta)
  • details of intended trip to Malta
In addition to the documents and details listed above, the traveler fills in the travel locator form Digital guest for Malta must have:
  1. an active email address
  2. an internet connection
  3. a working device, such as a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet

How to complete the Maltese Digital Passenger Locator Form

To complete the Maltese Digital Passenger Locator Form, travelers should prepare the earlier-listed documents and details, and follow these steps to complete the process ,click on LOGIN button:

  1. Complete the online form with the requested data - provide the necessary information in the form while taking care to avoid errors or typos in the data provided.
  2. Includes Service Fees - use any preferred online payment method, including applicable service fees when using our services.
  3. Check your email inbox - a PDF confirmation with a QR code will be emailed to each traveler.
Download the PDF confirmation of receipt and save an electronic copy or print the confirmation to present upon arrival in paper form

Information to provide in the PLF for Malta

The following information must be provided in the online PLF for Malta:
  1. Personal details (full name, first name, identity/passport details, address in country of origin)
  2. Contact details (no.phone and email address)
  3. Malta travel details (airline/ship name, flight number, seat/cabin number, departure port/airport, arrival airport/country, arrival date, information connecting flights possible, accommodation address in Malta)
  4. Travel history (list the countries you have visited in the last 14 days)
  5. Emergency contact details (basic details of who will be acting is your emergency contact during your stay in Malta)
  6. Health declaration (vaccination/test details, age, symptoms, quarantine details - if required)
Information provided in the Maltese Passenger Locator Form must be up to date and free of errors.
Remember to double-check your completed form before submitting for approval.

What happens after submitting my form online

Submitted PLF forms will be reviewed by the Malta public health authority between 7am and 9pm. Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email containing a PDF confirming that you have completed the Maltese Passenger Locator Form and your unique QR code.
Travelers who have received confirmation should download the PDF file and print it or keep it as an electronic copy on their mobile device.
The Malta Public Health and Borders Authority will check that each arriving traveler has an individual confirmation of a completed PLF and a QR code ready to present.

Covid-19 entry restrictions in Malta

Malta's Covid-19 entry restrictions apply to both foreign visitors and Maltese citizens and residents and may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  1. the traveler's vaccination status
  2. age
  3. whether coming from a Red or Dark Red country
  4. countries visited within the last 14 days

All travelers must complete the dPLF for Malta despite their age, vaccination status, or country of departure.

Color-coded countries

The Government of Malta has divided foreign countries into two color-coded lists to outline current travel requirements.

Red List

There are currently 99 countries listed on the red list by the Maltese government.
Travelers whose country of origin is listed as red or have spent the last 14 days in a country in a red zone must meet the following entry requirements:

Fully vaccinated:

Fully vaccinated travelers must prepare:

  • vaccination certificate
  • confirming completion of dPLF for Malta
  • At this time, no quarantine period is required for vaccinated travelers

The full strain comes from a red list country.

Not fully vaccinated:

  1. Aged 0-4: must have a completed dPLF
  2. Aged 5-11: must have a compiled dPLF and a negative PCR test result
  3. Aged 12 and over: must have a completed dPLF, a negative PCR test result, and self-isolate for 14 days

 Malta residents can request to spend their quarantine period at their place of residence to avoid the costs of self-isolation at an appropriate quarantine facility.

Dark-Red List

There are currently 131 countries listed as dark red.Travelers wishing to travel to Malta from any of these countries may only do so for essential reasons and meeting the following conditions:
  • with a Covid-19 Public Health Travel Authorization ( can be requested here)
  • has confirmation of completion of dPLF for Malta
  • takes PCR test within 72 hours of arrival in Malta
  • quarantines for 14 days after arrival
Entry requirements may vary over time.
The best way to prepare for your trip to Malta is to check the current restrictions on the official Maltese government website and follow them.

Frequently asked questions

If you are planning to travel to Malta during the current Covid-19 pandemic, you will need to complete a digital passenger locator form before departure.The Malta Public Health Authority will check that each visitor has a PDF confirmation and a QR code issued by them.
The PLF for Malta can only be accessed online by filling in the application form with the requested data, including service fees, and checking your email inbox.The digital passenger locator form confirmation will be in PDF format with a unique QR code for each traveler.
After submitting the completed Malta Digital Passenger Locator Form, travelers will receive confirmation of completion via email.Confirmations are issued as PDFs and can be easily downloaded and stored in digital format or printed out before departure.
To apply for dPLF Malta, ensure you have a vaccination certificate or negative PCR test result, a valid passport or ID, all the necessary details for your upcoming visit to Malta.
To complete the Maltese PLF registration process, you only need a working device connected to the Internet and an active email address.
It is best to submit your dPLF Malta application within 72 hours of your expected date of arrival in Malta.
Make sure you have all the details and documents needed to complete the online digital passenger locator form.
There are various Covid-19 entry restrictions in place for those wishing to visit Malta.
Entry restrictions applied may vary depending on the traveler’s age, vaccination status, travel history and country of departure/origin.
A requirement that applies to all travelers, regardless of circumstances, is to complete a digital passenger locator form online before arriving in Malta.

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