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Madagascar Entry and Travel Requirements

Entry requirements to Madagascar define all the rules that must be respected to enter the territory of Madagascar without any problems. These requirements, among others, describe the list of necessary documents that a person must have before departure.

One of the most essential documents for visitors to Madagascar is a passport with at least 6 months validity and two blank pages. Another document that may be necessary for some travelers is a valid visa.

You must ensure that the entry stamp is recorded in your passport. Additionally, please ensure that your visa will remain valid for the duration and purpose of your visit. Tourist visas to Madagascar can be extended for your stay in the country for up to 90 days. Do not extend your expired visa, as this could result in fines, deportation or even detention.

Your nationality, the reason for your trip as well as the expected length of stay in Madagascar will determine the type of visa you must apply for. According to the Malagasy visa policy, most international visitors are allowed to apply for a Madagascar visa online. There is only one Burundian nationality who must apply in person for a visit visa at the nearest Malagasy diplomatic mission.

Additionally, all foreigners wishing to settle in Madagascar must obtain a visa and/or long-term permit from the embassy or consulate. For example, this applies to work permits and immigrant visas. A residence permit can be issued after arrival in Madagascar.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Malagasy authorities have maintained certain health protections and restrictions for visitors to the country. However, all restrictions were lifted in August 2022. All travelers to Madagascar do not need to worry about Covid-related documents as they are no longer verified.

However, please note that travel restrictions and entry requirements may change at short notice. Remember to always check the latest information before planning an international trip.

Who can enter Madagascar?

Madagascar allows most international visitors to enter regardless of their Covid-19 vaccination status. Currently, the country's government only prohibits Palestinian citizens from applying for visas and entering Madagascar.

Checklist of documents to enter Madagascar

  1. valid passport
  2. Madagascar Visa
  3. Travel insurance (optional)

Additionally, both at check-in and upon arrival in Madagascar, you may be asked to present the following documents:

  1. Confirm your travel dates
  2. Proof of travel abroad or return



Testing, Vaccination, and Quarantine Requirements

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It is no longer necessary to provide a negative Covid-19 test result before departing into Madagascar. Post-arrival coronavirus testing has also been eliminated.

Vaccination required

Visitors to Madagascar no longer need to present a Covid-19 vaccination certificate to enter the country or use local services.

Quarantine required

Until recently, travelers who tested positive after arrival were subject to the cost of a seven-day quarantine. However, all quarantine requirements have been lifted and travelers to Madagascar do not need to quarantine regardless of their vaccination status.

Traveling from Madagascar

There are no special conditions for leaving Madagascar. However, remember to check the travel regulations issued by your airline.

Also remember to check the latest requirements for your next travel destination country (if you're traveling further afield) or origin country (if you're returning to your home country). You may need a visa and/or Covid-19 related documents to enter certain destinations.

Traveling to Madagascar

Travelers to Madagascar may face certain restrictions on the flights they operate, which may also be subject to change or cancellation. You should stay in contact with the travel agent and/or airline you will be traveling with.

Fulfilling Covid-related requirements is no longer necessary because as of August 11, 2022, the Malagasy government has decided to lift all remaining restrictions for all tourists visiting Madagascar , whether vaccinated or not. Pre-departure and post-arrival checks are no longer valid. Additionally, travelers do not need to prove that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19. However, please note that all entry regulations are subject to change at short notice. Remember to stay on top of the latest changes and updates to entry requirements.

Entry Rules for Children

Children are not covered by any Covid-19 exemptions or requirements. All minor travelers are subject to the same entry regulations as adult travelers. It is the responsibility of their parents or legal guardian to obtain all necessary documents on their behalf.

Transit through Madagascar

Transit passengers do not need to meet any special Covid-related requirements to transit through Madagascar.

Before stopping in Madagascar, be sure to check directly with your airline to see if it has specific rules for accompanying passengers. These conditions may differ from the general conditions for entering Madagascar.

Visa requirements

electronic visa

Madagascar introduced an electronic visa system in 2017 to allow foreign visitors to apply for visas entirely online. Applicants can apply for a single-entry e-visa that allows them to stay in Madagascar for 1 month or 2 months. Madagascar e-visa is for travel-related purposes only.

Visitors from all countries around the world can apply for a Madagascar e-visa online. Applying online involves three intuitive steps, including filling out a short online form, paying the processing fee, and receiving an email containing the approved e-Visa.

Embassy or consulate visa

Embassy or consulate visas for short-term visits to Madagascar are currently only required for one country, namely Burundi. Citizens of Burundi must apply for any visa to Madagascar directly from one of Madagascar's diplomatic missions.

Additionally, foreigners planning to live and work in Madagascar must also have a corresponding embassy visa, immigration visa or work visa.

Malagasy diplomatic missions are present around the world. Its embassies and consulates are located in different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. If no embassy or consulate is present in the traveler's country of origin, he or she will have to go to the nearest country where there is a Malagasy diplomatic representation.

Embassy or consulate visas usually include a number of supporting documents that must be presented when applying for the visa. Additionally, the visa application process may take longer than when applying online.

If you need to apply for a visa from an embassy, ​​make sure you start arranging all the formalities before your planned trip to Madagascar to get your visa on time. Usually, the entire visa procedure can even take several weeks.

Countries banned from entering Madagascar

Currently, Madagascar prohibits entry to citizens of only one country, Palestine. Palestinian citizens cannot enter Madagascar or apply for a Malagasy visa.

The Malagasy government periodically updates the country's visa policy based on developments in international relations. This means that Palestinian passport holders may be allowed to travel to Madagascar in the future.

Travel Insurance

While insurance is not necessary to enter Madagascar, a good insurance policy will give you peace of mind in case of an emergency. Make sure you choose the policy that best suits your specific travel needs, and also consider Covid-19 insurance.

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