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Kenya Visa Types

Kenya is a nation that may be found in the east of Africa. You should determine whether you need a visa to enter Kenya or if you may do so without one before you travel.

You should be aware that there are various Kenya visa categories, including the single-entry, transit, courtesy, multiple-entry, and East Africa visas, if you do need a visa.

Learn how long each sort of visa is valid for, what objectives it serves, and what documents are needed.

A candidate may be able to apply for some types of visas online depending on their nationality.


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Single-Entry Visa to Kenya

A single-entry visa can be used for both business and travel, as well as for people traveling to Kenya for medical care.

This Kenyan visa is valid for 3 months after the date of issuance.


You must have the following items in order to apply for a single-entry visa to the Republic of Kenya: a passport that is valid for at least six months past the date you plan to enter Kenya, a face photo, and a return ticket.

A letter of invitation from your family is also required if you are traveling to see family. Tourists should include a thorough itinerary of the locations they intend to see. A letter of invitation from the company and copies of the company's registration documents must be shown by anyone planning to travel to Kenya for business purposes.

Transit Visa to Kenya

The transit visa is intended for tourists who simply need to pass through Kenya on their way to another location and do not plan to stay in Kenya for an extended period of time. It's good for three days.

Keep in mind that if you won't be leaving the airport, you don't need a transit visa.


You need an active passport, a face-photo ID, and a round-trip ticket to the Republic of Kenya in order to obtain a transit visa.

Courtesy Visa

Holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports may apply for the courtesy visa if they intend to transit through Kenya for official purposes or if they intend to visit Kenya for such purposes.


People who want to apply for a courtesy visa must have service, official, or diplomatic passports that are valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival, and they must also submit the following paperwork:

  1. a clear face photograph
  2. a letter of authorization from the origin country, organization, or foreign affairs
  3. a ticket to the next location

Multiple-Entry Visa

The Kenyan multiple-entry visa is just like the single-entry visa in that it can be used for business, travel, and medical reasons, but it allows for repeated entries and has a longer validity period (between three and twelve months). A visa is valid for US citizens for five years after the date of issuance.


A visa application for a multiple-entry visa includes the following items in addition to a current passport, a face photo, and a return ticket:

  1. a letter of invitation (for business purposes)
  2. a letter of invitation from a family member and proof of your host status (for visits from family)
  3. confirmation of your hotel reservation and a trip itinerary

East Africa Tourist Visa

A multiple-entry joint visa for East Africa allows holders to travel to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. You are permitted an unlimited number of entries into these three nations throughout the three-month validity term.

It's crucial to keep in mind that you should enter your destination country through where your visa for East Africa was originally obtained. For instance, if Kenya issued you with this visa, you must first enter Kenya before entering the rest of East Africa.

There is no option for a visa extension.


You must have a current passport, a face-clear photo, your travel itinerary, an invitation letter, proof of yellow fever vaccine, and a return ticket in order to apply for an East Africa tourist visa.

Traveling Visa-Free

Visa-free entry to Kenya is available to citizens of various nations for up to 90 days.

Other groups are free from visa requirements as well:

  1. travelers who are under 16 (all nationalities)
  2. For up to 7 days for crew members of ships and up to 14 days for crew members of aircraft in transit who don't leave the airport transit area, and for private aircraft owners who stop for refueling but don't leave the airport.
  3. laissez-holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports from Brazil, Cuba, and Turkey holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports from China, Iran, India, Israel, and Nigeria
  4. Currently serving personnel of the British military

Traveling with eVisa

Nationals of a few nations are not eligible for visa exemption, although they are still eligible for an eVisa to Kenya, according to visa regulations for Kenya.

The Kenyan government introduced the Kenyan eVisa in 2005, allowing travel for transit, business, and tourist purposes.

  1. Online applications are accepted for visas for East Africa, transit, and business.
  2. Unlike transit visas, which are only valid for three days, tourist and business visas are good for 90 days.
  3. The visa application procedure is simple and quick; all that is asked of applicants is that they complete the form, attach the necessary documents, and pay the price.
  4. The applicant receives the Kenyan eVisa as a PDF document in their email.

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