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Air Suvidha Self Declaration Form

Indian Air's Suvidha self-declaration form is an online travel and health declaration that is now mandatory for all travelers planning to travel to India.

India's self-declaration statement asks travelers to provide necessary information related to personal, contact, flight, travel and health information as well as their international travel history in the last 14 days .

India began welcoming international visitors again on March 27, 2022, following a two-year travel ban imposed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, the government has required incoming travelers to meet new entry requirements and complete an Air Suvidha health declaration.

The Indian government does not stipulate a specific time to fill out the application before departure. However, it is best to apply no later than 72 hours after your intended arrival in India or as soon as you have all the details needed to fill in the application form.

Air Suvidha is available to travelers completely online and confirmation of its completion will be sent to each applicant via email in PDF form.

Requirements to meet to complete the Indian Self Declaration Form

Required Documents

  1. valid passport
  2. vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result

Technical Requirements

  1. an active email address
  2. a stable Internet connection
  3. any working device (phone/laptop/PC/tablet)

How to apply for Air Suvidha

The Indian Self-Declaration Form registration process is done online and requires the following four steps:

  • Carefully fill out the online application form with the necessary details
  • Present the necessary supporting documents (copy of your valid passport and vaccination certificate or a negative result of a PCR test taken within 72 hours of your arrival in India)
  • Service fee included
  • Check your email inbox for a PDF confirmation of filling the Indian Air Suvidha self-declaration form.

Please be sure to carefully review the completed application form before submitting for approval to ensure quick processing time.

Information to provide in the Air Suvidha Form for India

  1. Personal information – such as name, date of birth, gender and nationality
  2. Contact details - phone number and email address
  3. Flight details - flight number, seat number, first airport of entry, country and city of departure
  4. Detailed trip information - arrival date, PNR number, accommodation address in India:
    house number, street/village name, tehsil (district) name, state, city, zip code
  5. Health conditions - answer yes or no to questions asking if you have any of the following symptoms:
    fever/cough/respiratory distress or illness:
    diabetes/hypertension, bronchial asthma, cancer, immunosuppressive treatment and asked if you are a post-organ transplant patient
  6. Travel history - countries visited in the last 14 days

What happens after applying

Every traveler who completes Air Suvidha's self-declaration form to India will be provided with a confirmation in PDF format.

It is best to print the received document and leave it in paper form for your planned trip to India.

Covid-19 Entry Requirements in India

The Government of India changed current entry requirements on February 14, 2022, stating that fully vaccinated travelers no longer need to be tested before departure.

Additionally, all travelers, despite being vaccinated, are no longer required to be tested upon arrival and quarantined for 7 days as previously required.

Travelers who are not fully vaccinated must take a PCR test for Covid-19 within 72 hours of their planned arrival in India and submit the test results to the Air Suvidha registration form. Children under 5 years old are exempt from the testing requirement.

Currently applicable procedures upon arrival in India:

  1. random testing
  2. health and temperature screenings
  3. self-monitoring for 14 days of arrival

Frequently asked questions

 Air Suvidha self-declaration form must be completed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The Government of India has introduced the Air Suvidha Form to serve as an additional security measure for the public.

It’s best to complete the India self-declaration form within 72 hours of when you plan to arrive in India, especially if you need to attach test results to your application.

To complete the Air Suvidha self-declaration form for India, you will need a valid passport and vaccination certificate or negative PCR test result. All travelers filling out the form also need to have all the necessary details about their planned visit to India, including flight and seat numbers, address of stay in India, etc.

To apply for Air Suvidha form for India, fill the online application form with the required information, check whether each information provided is correct, attach supporting documents necessary (copy of passport and vaccination certificate/PCR test results), service included. fee and wait for the confirmation email to be sent to you. The online registration process can be easily completed in less than 15 minutes from home.

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