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Health Declaration Form for Netherlands

The Dutch health declaration form is a mandatory document for anyone aged 13 and over who wants to travel to or from the Netherlands by air.
The Health Declaration Form or Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a brief questionnaire that provides the national government with the necessary information regarding the health of each person entering/exiting its territory.
Locator forms have been made mandatory due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, serving as one of the safety measures helping the Dutch government to minimize the spread of infection and control every possible Covid case -19.
Travelers must answer a number of questions regarding their health and provide flight details and basic personal information to complete the Dutch public health travel form.The online form can be easily completed before a planned trip using any enabled device with an internet connection.
You can find further details about the Dutch health declaration, the country's current Covid-19 regulations and answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

How to fill the Netherlands Health Declaration?

To complete the Dutch health declaration, travelers must follow a few simple steps.
The health screening form can be completed completely online, at home or any other location using a phone, laptop, PC or tablet.
Anyone wishing to visit the Netherlands must complete a health declaration online at:
  • By clicking on the LOGIN button each applicant will then be redirected to a health form to complete.
  • The form can be completed in just a few minutes by answering a few simple questions.
  • Cover issuance costs with one of the many online payment methods available.
  • Waiting for confirmation email.
Travelers must use an active email address when requesting their health form so they can receive the PDF confirmation without any issues.

Information to provide in the health form

The Dutch health declaration form can be divided into three main parts. The first part of the form includes three yes or no questions.

Travelers must answer whether they have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or pneumonia, whether they have been in contact with a potentially infected person (in last 10 days), and check if he has experienced any of the following symptoms in the previous 24 hours:

  1. fever temperature
  2. coughing
  3. runny nose
  4. sore throat
  5. shortness of breath

Travelers who answer yes to any of the above questions will not be allowed to board flights to the Netherlands.
The second part of the passenger locator form asks travelers to provide information related to their flight, such as flight number, seat number. As well as some basic personal information, such as the traveler's name and date of birth.
The third and final part is simply the date and time of filling out the health declaration for the Netherlands signed by the traveler.

Who needs to fill the Netherlands Health Declaration Form?

Anyone aged 13 or over must have a separate, complete health declaration when arriving in the Netherlands by air.
The PLF form requirement applies to all air travelers, including those transiting through the country.
Children or anyone who is unable to complete the health form themselves should be included on the parent/guardian form.

The Netherlands Covid-19 regulations

The Netherlands, like many countries today, has introduced various rules and regulations that apply to anyone visiting or residing in the country.

Health Declarations

One of the changes recently introduced is the requirement for all air passengers to complete a health form before arrival. Completed forms will be checked when you board your flight as well as upon arrival.
A health declaration is mandatory for all travelers aged 13 years and over visiting the Netherlands by air. The application form can be completed entirely online before the planned trip.

Quarantine and Covid-19 testing

Covid-19 quarantine and testing rules depend on several factors. The Netherlands has divided foreign countries into safe and high-risk destinations, which helps determine current entry rules.

Additionally, travelers should note that different regulations may apply to fully vaccinated travelers and those arriving from outside the EU/Schengen area.


There is a 10-day quarantine requirement for visitors from very high-risk areas; however, this period can be shortened by taking a Covid-19 test on day 5 of self-isolation. Additionally, as of September 22, fully vaccinated travelers can skip through quarantine requirements when arriving from a high-risk country.

Covid-19 testing

Travelers arriving from outside the EU/Schengen area considered safe countries at the time of departure must have a negative Covid-19 test result or proof of vaccination.
Travelers visiting the Netherlands from the EU/Schengen Area will only need a completed health declaration (when traveling by air) if their departure country is currently considered safe.

Coronavirus Entry Pass in the Netherlands

From 25 September, anyone staying in the Netherlands must present a valid Coronavirus Entry Card to:

  1. attend any commercial events
  2. go to the cinema
  3. eat at the restaurant (indoors)
  4. be a spectator of any sporting event
  5. go to the casino

The coronavirus entry card is a health certificate that guarantees the Dutch government that the spread of Covid-19 cases will be controlled.
Coronavirus entry passes are issued to anyone presenting proof of full vaccination, a negative Covid-19 test taken within 24 hours of entering the selected area or by recovery from Covid-19.

Frequently asked questions

The Dutch Health Declaration is a health screening form that serves as a mandatory document for anyone 13 years of age or older entering or leaving the Netherlands.

The application form must be completed within 24 hours of entering or leaving the Netherlands. Travelers must know their flight and seat number to complete the form.

The Dutch Health Declaration can be easily filled out online using any working device connected to the internet. The form should be filled out within 24 hours of arriving in the Netherlands and later on presented, either in electronic or paper form during the travel.

There are many Covid-19 regulations that apply to visitors and Dutch citizens. Entry regulations and restrictions in force in the country depend on the person’s vaccination status as well as the destination country.

If you want to eat at an indoor restaurant, go to the movies, attend a sporting or commercial event or go to a casino, you must have a Coronavirus Entry Pass. An entry card can be issued to anyone with proof of full vaccination, a Covid-19 test taken within 24 hours of entry (negative result), proof of recovery.

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