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Guinea Visa Types

You should first check the entrance criteria if you plan to visit Guinea. Visas are not required for citizens of some nations, but they are for all others.

There are various sorts of Guinean visas. They have diverse entries, stays, and purposes. All candidates must submit a current passport and a photo of themselves, however other supporting documentation may vary depending on the application type.

The following visa kinds for Guinea exist according to the intended use, method of application, and length of stay: e-Visa, tourist, transshipment, transit, long-term, multiple-entry, extension, service visa, diplomatic visa, and courtesy visas.

You can learn more about each type in this post and choose the visa that best suits you.


E-Visa Express


The easiest Guinea visa to obtain is the e-Visa. Fill out the application, attach any supporting papers, pay the money, and then check your mailbox to see if you have received your e-Visa, which can be applied for by eligible foreign nationals.

There are two types of it: a transit visa, good for three days, and a tourist visa, good for 45 days. They each have a three-month validity period.

A return or forward ticket, lodging reservations, evidence of sufficient finances, and a yellow fever vaccination certificate are all required documentation.

Tourist visa

Foreign nationals who want to travel, vacation, sightsee, engage in social or recreational activities, or visit family and friends in Guinea are granted a tourist visa.

It can be awarded as a 90-day multiple-entry Guinea visa or a single-entry visa with a 30-day maximum stay.

The prerequisites for this form of Guinea visa include possessing proof of lodging in Guinea (such as a hotel reservation) or, if you're staying with family or friends, an invitation letter from them.

Transshipment visa

Foreign nationals who intend to stopover in Guinea before continuing on to their final destination are granted this visa. It continues to work for three days.

You must include the following in your application if you want to be considered for this type:

  1. a passport-size photo and the information page of your passport
  2. a yellow fever certificate a ticket for future travel, such as a flight
  3. a visa for the next nation, if necessary.

Transit visa

This visa for Guinea is intended for travelers who intend to transit the country by sea before continuing on to their final destination. It has a three-day expiration date.

The identical set of documents are required for both a transit visa and a transshipment visa.

Long-term visa

Long-stay visas can be issued for foreign citizens willing to stay in Guinea after their visas have expired for 3 months.

Long-term visas are valid for one year from the date of issuance and require quite a few supporting documents:

  1. face photograph
  2. bio-data page of a passport effective for a minimum of 6 months from the planned arrival date
  3. copy of the previous visa
  4. valid return ticket
  5. a yellow fever certificate
  6. repatriation guarantee
  7. sufficient funds
  8. work contract approved by the authorities (for those wishing to get employed)
  9. proof of a marital relationship (for a spouse), or a parental relationship (for an underage child)
  10. an authorization to exercise a profession or to promote an agricultural, industrial, commercial, artistic, or other activity, issued by the qualified authorities
  11. registration or re-registration certificate issued by the institution authorities (for students)
  12. an internship agreement (for students).

Multiple-Entry Visa

Only eligible nationals of nations with special treaties in Conakry, Guinea, are eligible to apply for this visa.

The Republic of Guinea and the treaty parties' commitment determines the validity duration, which ranges from three to five years.

You require a face photo, a current passport, a return ticket, and a yellow fever certificate in order to obtain a multiple-entry visa.

Extension visa

For foreign nationals who need to renew their prior visa, this visa is necessary. The length of the extended visa for Guinea is the same as the initial one's approval period.

A passport-size photo, a photo with data from a valid passport, and a copy of the prior visa are required documents for this type of Guinea visa application.

Service visa, diplomatic visa, and courtesy visa

If an applicant obtains an invitation from a government official or senior government official, they can all three types of visas.

The duties that the bearer of a service visa, diplomatic visa, or courtesy visa will perform determine the length of the visa.

For these visas, a valid passport, a photo of the applicant's face, and an invitation letter are required.

A diplomatic or regular passport and an invitation letter from the diplomatic corps or connected associations are required for obtaining a diplomatic visa. The letter outlining the mission to be carried out in Guinea must be submitted with an application for a courtesy visa.

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