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Guinea-Bissau Visa Types

A small country in Western Africa is called Guinea-Bissau. Naturally, you should be ready for the trip before you go. Check the appropriate visa requirements before you pack your bags and reserve a hotel room, as they are essential for entry into Guinea-Bissau. Read the article below for more details.


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What is a visa?

A visa is a document that authorizes passenger entry and a set amount of time to be spent in a foreign nation. The ordinary visa is available at the embassy of the country of travel and typically permits longer journeys. Try signing up for a visa on arrival (available to pick up at the preferred port of entry) or an electronic visa if you require one with a shorter validity time.

Visa to Guinea-Bissau

If you want to visit Guinea-Bissau, you should find out if your home country is excluded from the need for a visa. A number of nations are eligible for visa-free travel to Guinea-Bissau, however passports are required to enter the country. The remainder is needed to submit an application for a visa, a unique travel authorization document. However, if you wish to travel to Guinea-Bissau, you don't need to apply for a traditional visa at the embassy because the nation allows visa on arrival and eVisa from all international nationals.

Visa-Free Travel

The nationals of 14 nations are not need to have visas in order to enter Guinea-Bissau. These are Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cabo Verde, Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, and Cabo Verde. You must apply for a visa to Guinea if your nation isn't on the list.

Those who can enter Guinea-Bissau without a visa are permitted to stay for 90 days per year. If their journey will go longer than expected, they must apply for a visa.

Arrival-only visa

You can obtain a visa on arrival at the chosen port of entry. All foreign nationals are permitted to stay in Guinea-Bissau for up to 90 days with repeated admissions.

You will be required to show a valid passport with at least a six-month expiration date when you arrive. Additionally, you must have a printed authorization document from the Migration Office of Guinea-Bissau. You must submit your scanned passport copy to the Migration Office together with details on the itinerary and duration of your trip in order to obtain this document. Your application will only be approved or rejected at the Chief Immigration Officer's exclusive discretion.


2015 saw the introduction of the electronic visa by the Guinea-Bissauan government, which aimed to simplify the visa application procedure. The eVisa includes all of the traveler's data that is linked to their passport. If you have a single-entry visa, this document permits you to stay in the country for 30 days; if you have a multiple-entry visa, it may be given for 90 days. You can ask to have its validity extended by an additional 90 days.

Fill out the online application and upload the necessary paperwork to request an electronic visa. After that, pay the required processing fee. You will get a confirmation email to your email address when your eVisa is approved. Bring a paper copy of this document and the printed payment receipt with you.

Guinea-Bissau Visa Types

There are three different types of visas for Guinea-Bissau that you can choose from during the application process depending on your visit's purpose.

Travel Permit

The tourist visa for Guinea-Bissau enables entrance into the nation for travel, sightseeing, and taking part in cultural events. The validity of a single-entry visa is 30 days; that of a multiple-entry visa is 90 days.

Transit Permit

If you intend to stop in Guinea-Bissau en route somewhere else, you need apply for a transit visa. The permit is valid for 20 days starting on the day it was issued and permits a 24-hour stay in Guinea-Bissau.

eVisa Application

It is fast and easy to apply for a visa to Guinea-Bissau online. Decide at the outset whether your trip is for a visit, business, or transit. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire that requests certain personal information, like your name, surname, birthdate, and place of birth as well as your passport information and email address. Verify that there are no spelling errors.

The eVisa confirmation message will be delivered to your inbox after the registration has been approved and the obligatory processing fee has been paid. The waiting period should last up to 72 hours, but it could extend because of the processing that is under the supervision of the destination nation.

Entry Requirements

You must fulfill a number of requirements, including sitting for a brief interview with the border guards, in order to be permitted to pass the borders of Guinea.

  1. Describe the purpose of your trip.
  2. Bring your current passport and the eVisa confirmation email with you.
  3. demonstrate your financial stability.
  4. a confirmed return ticket in your possession.
  5. submit the immunization certificate for yellow fever.

If you satisfy all requirements, you ought to be able to easily obtain a visa document and enter Guinea-Bissau.

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