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Georgia Visa Types

Citizens of some nations can enter Georgia without a visa, but citizens of other nations must apply for a Georgia visa in order to do so. There are various types of Georgian visas.

There are two types of visas: single-entry visas, which only allow one admission into the nation, and multiple-entry visas, which allow several visits.

One can apply for either a short-term or long-term visa depending on how long they plan to stay in Georgia. A tourist visa, for instance, is only valid for a limited period of time, whereas an immigrant visa is valid for a longer period of time and entitles its bearer to a residency permit.

The online visa application procedure allows nationals of eligible nations to apply for an e-Visa if they need to go to Georgia for a brief period of time. To obtain the e-Visa, simply complete the form, pay the cost, and send it in.

A long-term visa requires an in-person application process at a Georgian embassy.

There are different types of purposes, including diplomatic, special, ordinary, immigration, and transit. To find out more about each category, read the article.


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A category – Diplomatic visa

Foreign diplomats who want to travel to Georgia for official or diplomatic reasons are given this Georgian visa.

Using the primary holder's diplomatic visa, a diplomat's family members are permitted to travel with them.

Members of top- and high-level delegations as well as senior members of foreign legislative and executive authorities fall under the A1 category.

Employees of diplomatic and similar missions placed in Georgia with diplomatic status, consular authorities, and staff members of international organizations' representation offices in Georgia can all apply for the A2 category.

Diplomatic messengers and visitors visiting Georgia on special diplomatic missions fall under the A3 category.

Honorary Georgian consuls fall under the A4 category, whereas regular citizens with ordinary or business passports who wish to stay in Georgia on various missions in the country's best interests may apply for an A5 visa. This also applies to visitors coming to Georgia on business who have diplomatic passports.

B category – Special visa

Members of foreign delegations and service passport holders entering Georgia on business trips fall under the B1 category.

Employees of international and humanitarian organizations stationed in Georgia, as well as consular employees and service personnel of consular offices, administrative, technical, and service staff of foreign diplomatic missions, are all eligible for the B2 category of visas.

Individuals covered by bilateral and multilateral international treaties of Georgia, members of peacekeeping forces, and other military contingents stationed in Georgia as part of an international treaty fall under the B3 category.

Members of various missions serving in Georgia's national interest are granted the B4 visa.

Families of those with special visas are welcome to join them.

C category – Ordinary visa

For those who intend to stay in Georgia to sightsee, explore the nation, visit natural or man-made landmarks, etc., the C1 category is a tourist visa.

The C2 category is appropriate for both freelancers and visitors to Georgia who are there to see family and friends.

A business visa under the C3 category allows entry into Georgia for the purpose of attending conferences, workshops, meetings, negotiations, sporting, educational, and cultural activities. Additionally, it is appropriate for journalists' work and for co-drivers of international freight and passenger transportation.

The C4 visa category is for travelers who are travelling to Georgia for humanitarian aid in life-threatening situations, charitable activities, guarding or caring for others, treatment, visiting loved ones' graves, or for pilgrimage.

D category – Immigration visa

The D1 category is intended for visitors from outside Georgia who are engaged in entrepreneurial activity while there on business. Representatives and consultants from businesses may stay in Georgia to carry out their official obligations with this visa.

For persons visiting Georgia for work as press workers, freelancers, interns, or volunteers, as well as for cultural, educational, or athletic purposes, the D2 category visa is provided.

People who go to Georgia as part of an international educational program, or to study or do research at a recognized educational institution, are eligible for a D3 category visa.

In order to reunite with their families in Georgia, visitors who fall under the D4 category must apply for a visa.

For candidates who have the legal right to possess real property in Georgia (as opposed to agricultural land), the D5 category visa is available. Its market value must be greater than the GEL equivalent of $1,000,000 in USD.

T category – Transit visa

Travelers who simply enter Georgia to proceed to their next destination are eligible for the T category visa.

Georgian transit visas are valid for up to ten days.

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