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Gabon Visa Types

For a trouble-free travel, a visa is required for entry into Gabon. Travelers must take into account a few different Gabon visa types, which change depending on the visit's objectives. Learn more about the various visa categories for Gabon in this page.


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Visa Policy for Gabon

For foreign travelers to Gabon, there are guidelines and limitations known as the Gabon Visa Policy. Depending on one's nationality and visa type, the length of a potential stay in the nation may vary. The government of Gabon affirms that e-Visa applications can now be submitted electronically by nationals of numerous nations.

Gabon e-Visa

Travelers may submit an online visa application thanks to the policy surrounding Gabon visas. Electronic visas are now available for citizens of 150 nations to enter Gabon. Online Gabon visas come in two flavors: single-entry and multiple-entry.

Visitors may enter the nation for up to six months for a variety of reasons, including transit, business, or tourism, by using an e-Visa. Valid passport holders must fill out a straightforward application form and provide the required papers to the authorities in order to acquire an electronic visa.

You won't have to spend a lot of time on the application process. Before you can get your e-Visa, you must complete out the application and pay the price. You can avoid large lines by doing this.

Gabon Visa on Arrival

According to the Gabon Visa Policy, visitors from 45 different countries can enter the country with a visa. You are able to stay in Gabon for up to 90 days as a result of it. Additionally, this visa is available for business and leisure travel. The applicant must fill out an online application, attach supporting documentation, and present the paperwork and receipt for the visa payment at the border crossing. Important! Before choosing to travel to Gabon, visitors should have passports that are valid for at least six months.

Embassy Visa for Gabon

Some foreign nationals should submit an application for an embassy visa since they cannot use the online alternative. In this situation, people must go to the closest embassy of Gabon to get a visa that may be used for a variety of things and for a long period of time.

It is important to keep in mind that an Embassy Visa can be issued as either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, and that obtaining one requires a trip to the nearby embassy of Gabon.

Diplomatic Visa

This category of visa is for diplomats and government representatives who travel to Gabon to carry out official tasks and activities on behalf of their nation. They stand in for the federal government or other legitimate institutions. Important! Even if you have a diplomatic passport, you still need a diplomatic visa.

Business Visa

Holders of a business or commercial visa are permitted to travel to Gabon temporarily for professional activities such conferences, meetings, training, work projects, market research, or networking.

In order to obtain this form of visa, you must also submit an invitation letter from a Gabonese friend or business partner.

Tourism Visa

With the help of a tourism visa, travelers and sight-seeing enthusiasts can stay in Gabon lawfully for a while.

In addition to the usual requirements, you need an airline ticket, evidence of lodging, and an itinerary from the tour guide organization in order to obtain it.

For this kind of visa, you can apply online. The e-Visa will allow you to stay in Gabon for one to even six months once you simply complete the application form and pay the price.

This choice is highly practical because it saves you from having to stand in line and go to the embassy. Only 45 nations are prohibited from obtaining an e-Visa. If they want to cross the border into Gabon in this situation, they must obtain an embassy visa.

Courtesy Visa

Those who have high status or are special guests of foreign governments (such as members of the royal family, military officers, etc.) but do not qualify for a diplomatic visa may be able to obtain a courtesy visa for the Gabonese Republic.

General Gabon Visa Requirements

In the majority of situations, it is advised to get ready the necessary paperwork specified below in order to obtain a visa to enter Gabon.

According to immigration authorities, you require:

  1. a valid passport and a duplicate of the first page
  2. Provide personal and travel information, such as name, surname, date of birth, nationality, departure date, etc., on two completed visa forms (original and copy).
  3. one passport picture
  4. a certified vaccination record against yellow fever
  5. Debit the fee.

In addition, for each type of visa, you must possess:

  1. Invitation letter (for diplomatic, official, and business visas)
  2. Booking a hotel or airfare, etc. (for a tourist visa)
  3. In the event of a courtesy visa for Gabon, a document from the foreign ministry, mayor's office, police station, or city hall is required.

Other information

The government of Gabon announced that four foreign countries—Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom—need not get a visa in order to enter the nation for transit, commerce, or tourism. Depending on their country, they may be able to stay in Gabon for up to 90 days.

However, they need a passport that is valid for at least six months if they wish to travel without a visa; otherwise, it won't be possible.

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