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European Union Visa Types

Even if the European Parliament adopted a deal allowing many nations to travel without a visa, citizens of some states still require an entry visa in order to enter EU territory.

The most popular type of entrance visa for travelers to Europe is a Schengen visa, which enables stays of up to 90 days in any member country of the Schengen Area.

Schengen visas come in standardized, restricted territorial validity, and national varieties. The reason of travel can also be used to distinguish between various Schengen visa categories.


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Uniform Schengen Visas (USV)

The 90-day transit or stay in one of the Schengen Area Member Countries is allowed with the Uniform Schengen Visa.

According to the intended use of travel, there are two types of Uniform Schengen visas: "A" category airport transit visas and "C" category short-term visas.

Visa for Airport Transit

A transit visa for airports allows travelers to pass through the international section of an airport in a Schengen nation without entering the Schengen region.

When traveling from one non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country with a flight change in a Schengen country, this visa is required.

Temporary visa

The duration of a short-term visa's validity allows its holder to remain in the Schengen region. They come in single-, double-, and multiple-entry varieties.

A multiple-entry visa enables unrestricted entrance into the Schengen region for the duration of its validity. One, three, or five years are the lengths available for this sort of visa.

It's crucial to abide by the 90/180 guideline.

Limited territorial validity visas (LTV)

Only the Schengen nation that issued the visa or those specifically named in the application are permitted entry with LTV visas.

This visa is an exception to the standard USV system and is only granted in exceptional circumstances or emergencies, such as those involving humanitarian concerns or obligations to another country.

It is possible to submit the application without a valid travel document.

National Visas

Persons who intend to work, study, or dwell permanently in one of the Schengen countries may apply for a national visa (D category).

When visitors return home after serving their mission, there may only be a single entry. The multiple-entry visa entitles its bearers to unlimited re-entry into the whole Schengen region.

The reason for the trip might also help distinguish between different Schengen visa categories.

Schengen visa types according to the travel purpose


As was previously said, a transit visa is utilized when a person wants to enter a Schengen region nation in order to go to their next destination.

Be aware that while certain nationalities do not require a visa to transit, some do.


Prior to everything else, travel is often connected with tourism.

Many people travel to European nations for a variety of reasons, including sight-seeing, honeymooning, discovering new locales and cultures, visiting any recreation and entertainment venues, enrolling their children in summer camps, and attending concerts, plays, and other performances.

Seeing relatives or friends

Visas are required for some nationals in order to visit relatives and friends in Schengen nations.

People may visit the Schengen region to visit family or friends, attend weddings, funerals, or other family celebrations, provide temporary care for the elderly or sick, etc.

A letter of invitation must be included with the visa application for this reason.


A valid Schengen visa is required for many employees and independent contractors who travel to member nations of the European Union for business or professional purposes.

This entails participating in non-governmental organization missions, taking part in official or informal on-the-job training courses, attending meetings, conferences, and congresses, as well as trade shows and exhibitions.

There are various benefits to having this form of visa, such as the chance to schedule an appointment fast at a busy time when many people are applying for visas.

A formal visit

An official visa must be obtained if a person is entering the Schengen region to perform official business.

Participants in meetings, discussions, negotiations, exchange programs, and other activities hosted by intergovernmental organizations in the Schengen Zone are eligible to apply for this visa.

In addition, an applicant must provide official documentation from the consular department and an invitation letter from a Schengen-based organization.

medical conditions

People who want to get services from any type of medical or social facility, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, utilize this Schengen visa.

Additionally, it involves traveling to health spas, wellness centers, and other specialized locations to receive medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, that are recommended by doctors.

This visa covers a brief illness for a maximum of 90 days. An applicant should submit an application for a National Visa for Medical Treatment in the relevant nation if it takes longer time.

Study Objectives

Foreign nationals who need to stay in the Schengen region to continue their studies are given this category.

Along with other necessary documents, a recent, official, and signed letter of acceptance into an EU university, college, or school must be included with the visa application.

Teams from the arts, sports, and film

The Schengen visa is intended for film crews as well as visitors from outside the Schengen region who wish to attend activities of a cultural, sporting, or religious nature.

Applicants must participate in the event both as performers and audience members.

It is necessary to provide event details and documentation of prior performances in order to obtain an entry visa for performers.

Other objectives

There are occasions when it is impossible to find a Schengen visa that suits your travel needs. In this situation, you must choose "other" and provide your trip's motivation, such as "religious visit."

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