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Ethiopia Visa Types

The Democratic Republic of Ethiopia issues different types of visas depending on the purpose, number of entries into the country and validity. Types of
visas for Ethiopia can generally be divided into two groups:
tourist and business visas.
Business visa types:
investment, journalist, conference, government employment, employment in a foreign company, employment in a private company, work visa for an organization/ international embassy, ​​visa for short term assignment in a government agency and NGO work visa
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E-Visa Express

e-Visa type

The Ethiopian e-visa is a single-entry visa valid for 30 or 90 days and can only be used for tourism/recreation purposes. Upon arrival, it is important to have a printed e-Visa and a valid passport to avoid certain inconveniences.

The registration process is simple, just follow the instructions on our website. With an e-Visa, you can save time and effort because you do not need to go to the embassy or consulate.

Tourist visa

Tourist visas are designed for travelers who want to visit Ethiopia for tourism purposes: explore the country, go on vacation, visit family and friends, etc. It does not allow you to keep a job.
This visa is issued in various options depending on the period of validity and the number of entries allowed. You can choose between the following tourist visas:

  1. single entry visa valid for one month (30 days)
  2. single entry visa valid for 3 months (90 days)
  3. multiple entry visa lasting 3 months (90 days)
  4. multiple entry visa lasting 6 months (180 days)

Visa application can be made online, by post, in person to the embassy Ethiopian consulate or upon arrival (this option is currently suspended for non-resident foreigners).
Visa applications can be submitted online, by mail, in person at the Ethiopian embassy or on arrival (this option is currently suspended for non-resident foreigners).
If you want to extend your Ethiopian tourist visa, you must report to the Immigration, Nationality and Vital Events headquarters before the visa expires. Otherwise, you must leave the country, otherwise you will have legal problems.

Business/employment visa

There are numerous visa categories for employment- and business-related purposes. These visas are available to applicants through an online application process or in-person at the embassy.

Investment permit

Persons engaged in investment activities or those wishing to travel to Ethiopia for investment purposes are granted visas under this category.

A single-entry permit for 30 days or a multiple-entry visa for 3/6/12 months are both available for investment visas.

In addition to the fundamental prerequisites for a visa, a candidate must have:

  1. a letter of support stating the applicant's intention to visit Ethiopia for business purposes (for first-time travelers).
  2. a formal letter from the firm that is hosting you.
  3. a formal letter from a welcoming company.
  4. a letter of support from the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

visa for journalists

Journalists, filmmakers, and professional photographers who travel to Ethiopia to cover events, report for the media, or create written or visual content are given a journalist visa.

This visa requires the following paperwork: an official letter submitted to Ethiopia's Immigration and Citizenship Service and a letter of support from the ministry of foreign affairs or Ethiopia's government communications office. It permits holders to enter Ethiopia only once for a 30-day stay.

meeting visa

This category is for traveling to Ethiopia in order to attend conferences, seminars, or workshops. It allows for a one-month stay in the nation.

An invitation letter from a commercial firm, governmental body, Ethiopian-registered NGO, or any other foreign or intergovernmental entity is a further necessity.

Visa for Government Employment

Foreigners who want to work for Ethiopian government institutions and ministries are granted this sort of visa.

There are various choices for government employment visas:

  1. a monthly/quarterly record with only one entry
  2. a three-month multiple-entry document

A letter from an inviting organization addressing the Ethiopia INVEA is required for visa applicants.

Foreign Business Firm Work Permit

People who travel to the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to work for companies with foreign ownership are eligible for this visa.

A single-entry (for a third of a month) or multiple-entry (for three months) visa is also available.

The letter of invitation, the company's business license, a TIN certificate, and a contract between the firm and the visa applicant are all required for the application.

Work permit for Ethiopian private businesses

Visas for Ethiopian private firms are available to anyone who want to work there. There are options for a single entry as well as many entries.

The necessary paperwork is the same as that needed for a foreign business firm employment visa.

Work visa for international organizations or embassies

Foreign nationals with regular passports are eligible to apply for this visa if they have received an invitation to work in Ethiopia from an international organization or an embassy.

Organizations or embassies acting as invitees must send a formal letter requesting the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs' support letter.

Government Institutions Short Task visa

This visa is available for foreigners to temporarily undertake specific jobs for Ethiopian government agencies.

A multiple-entry one may be granted for three or six months, whereas a single-entry one has a 30-day validity period. It is crucial to include a letter addressed to INVEA with the visa application.

NGO Work Visa

Those coming to Ethiopia on the invitation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for work or temporary tasks are granted a non-governmental organizations visa.

There is only one form of NGO work visa: a single-entry document valid for one month. An invitation letter and a current license are requirements for the inviting entity.

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