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East Africa e-Visa Application

East Africa Tourist Visa

The East Africa tourist visa is a popular single-entry e-visa reserved for all eligible nationals who wish to travel to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda using a single document.
The East Africa tourist visa is valid for 90 days within a period of 180 days from the date of issue.
All travelers can freely travel to East Africa through this electronic visa system.
The application process can be completed online without the need for an embassy visit or visa interview.
Applicants must fill out a simple online form, verify the data provided and pay the delivery fee.
The applicant's passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry into the country.
When applying via Evisa Express, the approved East Africa Tourist Visa will be sent to each applicant via email within 6 working days.
An electronic tourist visa cannot be used to enter or leave any of these three countries twice in one day or to work or study without permission from the regulator immigration.
There is only one e-Visa for East Africa.
It allows travel within and between Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for tourism purposes.
Electronic visas have the following characteristics:
  • allows travel to Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya
  • can only be used for tourism purposes in Rwanda and Kenya (including family visits.
  • The e-visa can be used in Uganda for tourism and commercial activities (contracting) , attend a conference or meeting.)
  • is a multiple entry permit
  • Valid for 90 days from the intended date of entry
Please note!
You must apply at least 3 days before your trip.
At Evisa Express, our mission is to make travel easier with a simple check-in process.
Our customer service team is available 24/7 and you can complete the form online at any time.
When you are ready to register, select “travel” as your reason for travel and click “LOGIN Button which can be found in the menu on the right side of the screen.
If you haven’t registered yet, please register yourself first. After registering, proceed to log in to the panel.
Once you are logged in, navigate to the menu on the left side of the panel.
Select the “Visa Application Form” option from the menu.
Follow these steps to complete the process:
  1. Fill out the application form with details about yourself and your trip, including the planned date of entry. Follow all of the instructions you find on the form. 
  2. Pay the 149 Euro processing fee using any method of online payment you prefer. 
After clicking “Submit”, a confirmation email containing a personalized application number will be sent to the email address you provided in your form.
If you need to contact the support team for any reason, have this number ready so we can serve you more effectively.
Processing time can take up to 6 business days but most applicants are approved sooner.
Your approved East Africa Visa Online will be sent to your email inbox in PDF format and will be valid for 90 days from the date of entry you stated in your application.
The East Africa electronic tourist visa will allow you to travel for 90 days from your intended date of entry.
Additionally, it allows multiple inputs.
In other words, during the validity period of your online visa, you can enter and exit Uganda and Rwanda as often as needed and travel freely between the three countries.
Please note that the validity period of the East Africa eVisa begins on the date of intended entry (the date you state on the application) and not on the date of issue.
Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your expected arrival date for your application to be approved.
In case of change of tourist’s passport, the electronic visa will no longer be valid.
Every time you lose a document or change details on it, you will need to apply for a new eVisa.
Travelers transiting through Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya en route to another country do not need an electronic visa if they do not intend to leave the airport’s designated transit area.
Anyone planning to leave the transit area must have a transit entry permit.
This type of visa must be obtained at the airport; it is not available online.
For more information, please contact your airline as well as the customs department at your destination airport.
All travelers must carry the following documents when entering Rwanda or Uganda:*
  • Approved eVisa (printed)
  • Valid passport (that will not expire for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry)
*The East Africa e-tourist visa allows travel through Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.
However, you can only enter the country for the first time through a country that has approved the eVisa.
Both documents will be checked by customs officers upon arrival.

If you have already submitted the application form and are waiting for your entry permit to arrive, check the East Africa Tourist Visa sample below to see how this document will look like once it’s delivered!

East Africa Tourist Visa


List of eligible countries

While some countries can be quite selective about which countries participate in their eVisa programs, the East Africa tourist visa is open to citizens of all nationalities.
The only condition is that you can present a valid passport and some other supporting documents.
Please note that your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your intended date of entry.

Tourist Visa Requirements

Before applying, make sure you understand the basics of your online visa application.
Travel guide:Any valid travel document, such as a passport, with a minimum validity of 6 months.
Visa fees:149 euros
Validity of eVisa:90 days from the date of arrival stated on the application
Electronic visa extension:East Africa Tourist Visa cannot be extended
Conditions vary depending on the country you want to enter.


  • Photo of the candidate's face (can be taken by phone or computer)
  • A photo of the applicant's passport data page
  • Photo of candidate's face (taken by phone or computer)
  • A photo of the applicant's passport data page
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • A document describing your journey
  • A copy of your return ticket

Important Information

  • Each applicant must apply at least 3 days before travel
  • Travelers who already hold a valid visa in Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya are not eligible for an East Africa tourist visa.
  • You need to print the approved eVisa permit
  • The East Africa tourist visa does not serve as a work permit.
  • In Rwanda and Kenya, only travel (including family visits) is allowed.
  • In Uganda, tourism and business activities are allowed, but this does not include being hired by a Ugandan company or starting your own company.
  • East Africa e-visas will not be renewed.
  • If you wish to extend your stay, you must leave the area and reapply for a new entry permit.

FAQ about East Africa eVisa

The East Africa eVisa is a multiple-entry permit that allows travel to Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya.
Valid for 90 days after expected date of entry; The cost is 149 euros per tourist.
You can apply online with Evisa Express by filling out the online application form in minutes!
“EATV” stands for “East Africa Tourist Visa” which you can apply for online.
“Application” means an “application” that may be submitted using any supporting device.
Use your phone, laptop, PC or tablet to fill out the form with some basic personal and travel information, and get the eVisa in your inbox!

To start the process, choose the purpose of your travel and click ‘Login button’ on the right-hand side of the page Menu. Fill an application form with your data and make an online payment. Lastly, check your inbox for an eVisa PDF version. For a complete description of the online application process, see “East African eVisa – application form”, above.

The East Africa eVisa is valid for 90 days from the intended date of entry.
Remember that if your passport details are changed, expired or lost, the electronic entry permit will become invalid as the two documents are linked.
Any traveler who is not a citizen of Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda needs an East Africa eVisa.
Luckily, EATV is available to citizens of every country in the world.
Apply online just minutes from home and receive within up to 6 business days.
East Africa tourist visa costs 149 euros.
You can choose one of the many online payment methods available to cover the fee.
Once your payment is registered, you will receive an eVisa confirmation number that can be used to check the status of your entry permit.
The requirements for the East Africa online visa are basic.
If you plan to enter the region via Rwanda, all you need is a valid passport and a recent photo of yourself.
Travelers planning to enter through Uganda will need some additional documents.
For a complete list, see “Required Documents” above.
East Africa tourist visa applications are approved within 6 business days or less.
Many applicants find that their application is approved in less than 24 hours.
Ensure that the data provided in the online form is accurate to avoid delays or problems with eVisa processing.
East Africa tourist visas are available on arrival.
However, it is much safer to travel with an e-visa in hand.
Not only does requesting your entry permit in advance eliminate the risk of wasting your plane ticket if you can’t get it on arrival; it also makes traveling stress-free and quick.
If your request cannot be processed, be sure to contact our support team via email or phone.
Our team of experts always check that each application is completed correctly to ensure successful approval.
You can stay in East Africa for up to 3 months from the date of entry you state on your application.
The eVisa is valid for 90 days and allows you to enter and exit the area as many times as necessary.
Make sure your passport will not expire during the trip.
Not only can you but you must also apply for an East Africa e-Visa for your child.
Fortunately, the entry permit processing for children is the same as for adults.
Apply online with Evisa Express for each minor traveller.
Applications must be submitted by the child’s parent or guardian.
Unfortunately, East Africa tourist visas cannot be extended.
If you want to stay longer in Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda, you must apply online for a new entry permit after returning to your home country.
As long as your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your intended date of entry, you can reapply.
Completing the registration process takes just a few minutes.
Processing time can take up to 6 business days, although eVisa approval usually arrives faster.
Final processing time depends on the governments of Rwanda and Uganda.

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