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Djibouti Visa Types

Djibouti is located in Northeast Africa, bordering Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Due to its ethnic mix, it is influenced by neighboring countries. The common languages ​​in Djibouti are Somali and Afar. However, Arabic and French still exist because they were once part of the French colony.
Despite its difficult terrain, Djibouti is ideal for diving and has many colorful reefs for kayaking. Tajoura Bay is the cleanest sea on the planet. You can also swim for a few minutes in clear water, snorkel or lounge on a deserted and isolated beach.


E-Visa Express

Djibouti Visa

When you want to stay in Djibouti, you must have a legal permit to do so. In this case, you must obtain the appropriate visa. Choose the online option to avoid wasting time at the embassy or consulate. The registration process is very simple and convenient so you can do it easily.

Tourist Visa to Djibouti

Tourist visas, as the name suggests, allow people to enter Djibouti for sightseeing and sightseeing purposes. There are two types of tourist visas in Djibouti: the 14-day
tourist visa and the 90-day tourist visa. Below you can read some important information about them.
To apply for this visa you must:

  1. Visit our website and access the application form.
  2. Select the visa type and provide all the necessary information, such as first name, last name, email, passport number, address and arrival date.
  3. Payment of required fees.

14-day tourist visa

Djibouti Immigration has introduced a 14-day e-visa for each entry, a single-entry visa valid for 14 days after arrival in Djibouti. Since this is an electronic visa, you can apply online. After receiving this Djibouti tourist electronic visa, you must print it and present it to the authorities.

90-day tourist visa

90-day Djibouti visa is also a single-entry visa, but valid for a longer period (90 days). In this case, you can also apply online. Once the process is complete, you will receive an email with your e-Visa. Next, you need to print the document.

Business Visa

Business visas to Djibouti can be used for professional or official purposes. To get this type of visa, you must meet specific conditions. You can apply for a business visa if you are a businessman/technical expert or if you want to come to Djibouti for business negotiations, seminars, meetings, etc.
Also prepare these documents to apply for a visa to Djibouti:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Photo identification
  3. Airline ticket
  4. Accommodation booking or invitation letter.

Additionally, you must pay the required fees or your application will be rejected.

Transit Visa

Transit visas are issued for a limited period of time and are intended to allow the holder to reach Djibouti before the final destination. There are two types of Djibouti transit visas:
48 hours and 96 hours.

To apply for a transit visa, you can use the online method and prepare documents such as:

  1. Copy of passport with 6 months validity
  2. 2 passport-sized photos
  3. Tickets and visa for the final destination.

The transit visa application process is simple and intuitive. Just fill in your personal information in the form and check out the Transit category.

In addition, he also has to pay fees.
You must apply for this visa when you want to transit through Djibouti.

Visa Requirements

To meet the conditions of the Djibouti visa application and obtain the visa without any difficulties, you must prepare in advance. Regarding documents, it is usually necessary to present:

  1. Face photo in passport format on white background
  2. Passport scan
  3. Airline ticket
  4. Proof of accommodation.

Requirements may vary depending on the current situation and visa type.

Additionally, in case of e-Visa, you must have the following documents:

  1. Passport valid for at least 6 months
  2. Printout of e-Visa.

They will be inspected by customs officers so you should be prepared. Important! Only the Ambouli International Airport accepts electronic Djibouti visa.

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