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ArriveCAN - Health Declaration Form For Canada

ArriveCAN is a mandatory online health declaration form for travelers arriving in Canada by air, land and sea.The new Health Declaration Form was introduced in 2021 to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and ensure there are as few cases as possible in Canada.This sample can be obtained in two ways.
Online or through the ArrivalCAN app, available for iOS and Android.
All travelers must complete a health form within 72 hours of their intended arrival in Canada and present a receipt/confirmation of form completion to customs officers upon crossing the border.
It's crucial to note that, as of now, Canada is giving permission to enter only to fully vaccinated travelers.Moreover, the vaccine must be one of the four accepted by the Canadian government, i.e., either Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Johnson&Johnson.
The Canadian health certificate operates entirely online.
To be able to use it and enter Canada successfully, one must meet all the current travel requirements in place.
Thus, travelers are advised to check if they meet the present entry regulations prior to applying.
Eligible travelers must then request the ArriveCAN health form online.
This can be easily done using any work device with an internet connection, including a phone or laptop.
Must apply within 3 days of expected arrival date.
Please note that Evisa Express is not affiliated with any government agency.We provide an intermediary service for travelers who want access to a clearer and more intuitive ArriveCAN application form, available in a variety of languages.
Our team of experts handle every request made to ensure positive approval and support travelers throughout the process.ArriveCAN is available for free on the official Canadian government website.

How to fill health declaration card for Canada?

Filling out the ArriveCAN form is quick and simple. Visitors to Canada need to answer a few health-related questions, including the details regarding their vaccination.

Applicants should follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Click on the 'LOG IN ' button and start filling the application form. After the ArriveCAN health declaration is fully completed, applicants are requested to attach proof of vaccination.
  2. Select your preferred online payment method to pay the ArrivalCAN issuance fee. Please note that fees will apply when registering with our assistance. You can register for ArriveCAN for free on the official Canadian government website.
  3. Receive your ArrivalCAN receipt directly into your email inbox and present it to customs officials upon arrival.

What questions need to be answered when filling the ArriveCAN form?

Most importantly - questions relating to visitors':

  1. contact details,
  2. purpose of visit,
  3. travel details (arrival and departure dates, selected port of entry, flight number),
  4. vaccination details and health information,
  5. data related to Covid-19 test taken,
  6. countries visited in the last two weeks, and the applicant's quarantine plan (address, access to food, etc.).

Who should use the ArriveCAN?

Anyone wishing to enter Canada by air, land or sea must fill out an ArriveCAN health form. The application form must be submitted within 3 days of your intended date of arrival in Canada.
Travelers arriving in Canada by plane or car must fill out a mandatory health form before arrival. Those entering the country by sea can apply upon arrival as there may be internet connectivity issues during the journey.
Additionally, Canadian citizens and permanent residents must also use the ArrivalCAN system to cross the Canadian border.

Requirements to apply for ArriveCAN

Travelers wishing to use the ArriveCAN system must meet the following requirements:

  • have no symptoms of Covid-19,
  • fully vaccinated,
  • have received the last dose of vaccine at least two weeks ( 14 days) before arriving in Canada,
  • must take an appropriate Covid-19 (molecular) test within 72 hours of arrival.

Applying without meeting the above requirements may result in refusal of entry upon arrival.

Benefits of using ArriveCAN

The Canadian government uses ArrivalCAN health certificates primarily for security reasons related to the current Covid-19 pandemic.
However, all visitors to Canada can also benefit from using this system during their trip.
The main benefits of using ArriveCAN are:
  • the ability to enter Canada without any hassle
  • security for Canadian citizens and incoming visitors
  • a completely online and visitor-friendly system travel
  • receipt sent directly to the applicant's email address
  • a clear and intuitive form to fill out

About ArriveCAN App

Travelers looking to visit Canada can use ArrivalCAN in two ways. Through the online application or through the ArrivalCAN app.
The ArrivalCAN app works like a health declaration document but in mobile app form.
After submitting the ArrivalCAN form and receiving a receipt, travelers can present it to customs officials on the app.
However, foreign nationals who prefer to use the online version of the health declaration can easily do so without downloading the ArriveCAN app on their device.

Apply for the ArriveCAN form on time

The most important part of obtaining a Canadian health form is completing and submitting the form within the appropriate deadlines.
Travelers must register for ArriveCAN within 3 days of their intended date of arrival in Canada.
Applications submitted after or before this time may be considered invalid and denied entry to Canada.

Frequently asked questions

The ArriveCAN medical form is a mandatory document introduced by the Canadian government in 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This health certificate is reserved for fully vaccinated travelers wishing to enter Canadian territory.

Correct! All travelers wishing to enter Canada must complete and submit the ArrivalCAN application online. A completed travel health certificate must be submitted within 3 days of the expected date of arrival in Canada.

To register with ArrivalCan, you must register online. Travelers can use a phone, laptop or other device with an internet connection to complete the ArriveCAN form on this website. Completing the form with the necessary details, including vaccine information, takes just a few minutes. Next, travelers should check that each data element is correct and pay the ArriveCAN issuance fee. Applications that have been processed will receive an ArrivalCAN receipt sent to the applicant’s email inbox.

Minor travelers do not need to fill out the ArriveCAN form for Canada themselves, but must have it included in the form of the parent/guardian they are traveling with. Parents must provide necessary data on any minor/dependent adult travelers with whom they are visiting Canada.

 ArriveCAN applications must be made within 72 hours of arriving in Canada. Visitors must comply with this requirement; otherwise, their entry may be rejected.

From now on, all travelers, even those who are fully vaccinated, must present a negative Covid-19 test when arriving in Canada. The test must be taken within 3 days before arriving in the country. Additionally, the test must be approved by the Canadian government, i.e. molecular testing, such as PCR. Canadian customs officers do not accept antigen tests.

Travelers who have received two doses of the vaccine may be released from mandatory quarantine and require additional Covid-19 testing starting on day 8 of their stay. However, vaccinated travelers must still take a Canadian government-approved molecular test within 3 days before arrival and submit the ArriveCAN form online.

The ArriveCAN receipt includes essential details regarding the traveler’s trip to Canada, such as port of entry and arrival date. Additionally, it lists the travelers included in the app and provides a six-digit confirmation code.

Travelers who have received both doses of the vaccine need only observe their bodies for possible symptoms of Covid-19. Unvaccinated travelers must quarantine and undergo additional testing on the 8th day of quarantine. The data must then be entered into the ArriveCAN system.

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