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Cambodia Entry and Travel Requirements

Cambodia's entry requirements define all the rules that every traveler must follow to enter Cambodia without any problems. These requirements include necessary documents that must be in place before the planned trip, as well as some additional restrictions implemented due to the ongoing pandemic.

Among the most important documents any foreign citizen must have when arriving in Cambodia are a valid passport and a valid Cambodian visa. Cambodia's visa policy determines the types of visas required for certain nationalities based on the reason for travel and expected length of stay in the country. Only certain nationalities can visit Cambodia without a visa for short-term stays, including citizens of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Philippines and Vietnam. In addition, Cambodia allows citizens of about 220 different countries to obtain Cambodian electronic visas for tourism purposes. Cambodian eVisa holders can stay in the country for up to 30 days. Citizens of certain countries that do not qualify for an electronic visa may apply for a visa on arrival.

Visitors from certain countries must apply for an embassy visa in advance of their planned trip, regardless of the purpose of their visit. These countries include Christmas Island, French Guiana, Cocos Islands, Sint Maarten and French Polynesia. Additionally, all visitors planning to stay more than 30 days in Cambodia must also apply for a visa at the nearest Cambodian embassy. Visiting Cambodia doesn't have to have an essential travel goal.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Cambodian authorities have introduced a set of regulations for incoming tourists. Currently, vaccinated travelers are exempt from pre-departure and on-arrival Covid-19 testing requirements. Unvaccinated travelers can come to Cambodia but must still be quarantined for 7 days. Please note that the Coronavirus situation is constantly evolving and Covid-related entry requirements may change at short notice. Don't forget to check the latest travel advice before you travel to Cambodia.

Who can enter Cambodia?

Cambodia remains open to international tourists, allowing entry for both unvaccinated and vaccinated tourists. All must have an approved Cambodia visa and meet other entry requirements. Depending on vaccination status, these requirements may vary slightly.

Checklist of Cambodia entry documents

  1. Valid travel documents
  2. proof of vaccination (if vaccinated)
  3. Travel insurance (optional)



Testing, Vaccination, and Quarantine Requirements

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Unvaccinated people entering Cambodia by air will be required to take a PCR test on day 7 of their quarantine period. People arriving in Cambodia by land will have to take a test before starting quarantine. Another test will be required on day 7.

In March 2022, Cambodia lifted the pre-departure and entry testing requirement for fully vaccinated travelers.

Vaccination required

Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is not required when entering Cambodia. However, fully vaccinated travelers can use vaccination certificates to avoid testing requirements. Visitors must have proof of vaccination in paper form.

Please note that the appointment card issued by the vaccination center is not recognized as proof of vaccination and will not be accepted as a document confirming your vaccination status.

Quarantine required

Unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated travelers will be required to quarantine for 7 days. Those who do not reserve hotel accommodations during the state's alternative quarantine period must deposit a $2,000 cash deposit (per person). Any unused funds will be refunded.


ASQ hotels in Cambodia include:

Raffles Le Royal Phnom Penh Hotel
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra
Courtyard by Marriott Phnom Penh
Sokha Hotel & Apartment
Himawari Hotel Apartments
Toyoko Inn with Dara
Olympia City Hotel

Please note that hotels not listed as ASQ may charge more than government-arranged quarantine accommodation.

Traveling from Cambodia

When arriving in Cambodia, travelers should ensure their passport is stamped and retain their departure declaration form. Relaxing the exit form will require contact with immigration officials to leave Cambodia.

Also, remember not to overstay your Cambodia visa. Otherwise, you risk fines, detention or deportation.

Before leaving Cambodia, be sure to check current entry restrictions for the country you're traveling to next.

Traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia remains open to international visitors who must meet certain entry requirements. Fully vaccinated and unvaccinated arrivals may enter Cambodia for non-essential purposes, such as leisure and tourism-related activities.

Most travelers planning a trip to Cambodia are required to apply for a visa in advance of their planned trip. The country has restored visa exemption and issued electronic visas and visa-on-arrival services.

Fully vaccinated travelers can now enter Cambodia with valid proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated travelers are still subject to testing and quarantine requirements. The insurance claim was dropped. However, all travelers are still encouraged to purchase tickets with a minimum of $50,000 in Covid-19 insurance.

As requirements are constantly changing, all travelers are advised to follow all travel updates before traveling to Cambodia.

Entry Rules for Children

Covid-related requirements

Fully vaccinated children 17 years of age and under must comply with entry regulations for fully vaccinated travelers upon arrival in Cambodia.

Unvaccinated travelers 17 years of age or younger must follow quarantine requirements according to the quarantine period applicable to the adult traveling with them.

Other entry requirements

Any children traveling to Cambodia may also need a valid visa. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for applying for visas for minors traveling with them.

Transit through Cambodia

Passengers who will be transiting through Cambodia en route to another travel destination and staying in a hotel while waiting for a connecting flight the next day must meet the entry requirements applicable to their vaccination status. They should also remember to check the entry conditions of the country of their next or final destination. For example, they may need to take a pre-departure test to board a connecting flight.

In most cases, applying for a transit visa is required to transit through Cambodia, except for passengers who will depart Phnom Penh International Airport on the same flight on which they arrived in Cambodia. All other entry points into Cambodia require a transit visa. Holders of the Cambodia eVisa are also eligible to travel around the country.

Visa requirements

Electronic visa for Cambodia

In 2006, Cambodia introduced an electronic visa system that allows citizens of several countries to apply for Cambodia tourist visas completely online. Cambodia eVisa operates as a single-entry visa and its holder can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days, while the visa remains valid for 90 days from the date of issue.

In March 2020, the Cambodian government suspended the issuance of electronic visas due to the Corona virus situation in the country and around the world. Tourist visa issuance for Cambodia was restored in October 2021.

Visa on arrival

Visitors from some countries are not eligible for a Cambodia e-Visa but can apply for a visa upon arrival in Cambodia. VoA is only issued at certain points of entry, including Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airports, as well as certain land border crossings. Visas on arrival are issued for a maximum period of 30 days and can be extended. Additionally, all countries listed as e-visa eligible countries are also automatically eligible for VoA.

Regular visa

Citizens of certain countries must apply for a regular Cambodian visa at the nearest Cambodian embassy before their planned trip, regardless of the reason for their trip. Embassy visas are issued for 30 days and can be extended for an additional 30 days for a fee. Below is the list of countries whose citizens must apply for a Cambodia embassy visa for all travel purposes:

  1. Cocos Islands
  2. Christmas Islands
  3. French Guinea
  4. Saint Martin
  5. French Polynesia

Visa exemption

Citizens of some countries can only visit Cambodia without a visa for a maximum period of 30 days. However, their visit must be for tourism or entertainment. Staying in Cambodia longer requires applying for an appropriate visa.

All members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are allowed to visit Cambodia without a visa, including the following countries:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Malaysia
  3. Laos
  4. Singapore
  5. Philippines
  6. Vietnam

Visitors from visa-exempt countries are still required to apply for a Cambodian visa if their stay exceeds 30 days.

Travel Insurance

Cambodia has lifted the requirement for tourists to have insurance covering Covid-19 treatment, but having an insurance policy is still strongly recommended. Although treatment is available in Cambodia, the cost of medical care can be enormous.

The right insurance will protect you in the event of a medical emergency and will also provide financial assistance if you need to cancel your trip due to illness, political unrest, etc. Before traveling, be sure to research the risks and purchase comprehensive insurance. insurance policy.

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