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Bahrain Visa Types

Visa services are mandatory for all foreign nationals (except citizens from Gulf Cooperation Council member states and British citizens) wishing to visit Bahrain.

Each traveler can choose the type of Bahrain visa that best suits him or her as there are several types. Visas vary depending on the purpose, length of stay allowed, number of entries, method of application and whether they must be sponsored.

Those coming to Bahrain for tourism or business purposes can apply for an eVisa, while for a work permit they must visit an embassy or consulate.

There are 7 types of visas for Bahrain: e-visa, tourist visa, visitor visa, 72 hours 7 days visa, business visa, work visa and family visa. Read the article to learn more about each type of Bahrain visa and what is needed to apply for one.


E-Visa Express


Bahrain eVisa is an electronic visa launched by the Government of Bahrain to allow foreign nationals to travel to Bahrain with a simplified application procedure.

Applicants must follow some simple steps:
Complete the application form by providing personal information, pay the visa fee and receive email address approval.

The Bahrain online visa allows travelers to visit the country for tourism and business purposes and comes in the form of a single or multiple entry permit. The single-entry eVisa allows you to enter Bahrain once and stay for 2 weeks (14 days).

The online multiple entry visa for a 30-day stay is valid for 3 months (90 days) and allows multiple entries into the country. A 90-day Bahrain e-visa is issued for unlimited visits within a one-year validity period.

Bahrain e-visa holders must enter the country within 90 days from the date the application is approved.

Tourist Visa

Tourist visas allow citizens of the European Union, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and the United States to visit Bahrain for tourism purposes and stay there for 2 weeks.

To apply for this type of visa, a valid and updated passport and return ticket are required. A tourist visa does not give the holder permission to seek employment.

Visitor Visa

Foreigners who want to visit Bahrain on a tourist visa must be sponsored by a Bahraini citizen. The sponsor must contact the Directorate of Immigration and Passport on behalf of the traveler.

Bahrain tourist visa is valid for one month (30 days). Visitors must not engage in any paid or unpaid work while visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain.

72-Hour and Seven-Day Visa

The 72-hour, seven-day visa is designed for people who want to travel to Bahrain for business for a short period of time. It can be obtained upon arrival at entry points such as Bahrain International Airport or King Fahad Causeway.

Visa applications require a valid passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival and a confirmed return or onward ticket.

Business Visa

Bahrain business visa is for travelers who want to visit Bahrain for business purposes but for a longer period of time.

Bahrain visas for business purposes are valid for up to 6 months while the permitted length of visit depends on the type of travel.

For the request to be processed, the applicant must attach the following documents:
passport, photo, letter from employer stating the purpose of the trip, and a “letter of no objection” or “no objection certificate” (NOC) from the Bahrain sponsor.

Work Visa

A person planning to work in Bahrain must have a Bahrain work visa. This Bahrain visa also allows its holder to reside in the country and is valid for one to two years.

Applying for a work visa requires a lot of paperwork and requires an in-person visit to the Bahrain embassy. Required documents include:

  1. registration form
  2. passport
  3. Photograph
  4. sponsorship letter (must contain information such as the employer's name and organization, commercial registration number, employee qualifications, salary, contract period,
  5. employee name, nationality and date of birth )
  6. copy of contract
  7. Health check

Family Visa

Family visas (residence permits) can be issued by people who have family members working in Bahrain. This type of visa allows them to reside in Bahrain for the duration of their employment.

Necessary documents to apply for a family visa are the visa application form, copies of the employee's and family's passports, the employee's letter of sponsorship, the employee's contract, and a completed family health certificate. completed at an approved clinic.

Family members are not allowed to work on this visa. To be able to work, they must obtain an appropriate work visa.

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